Will We Choose To See The Truth….?

I was reading an article earlier about right to life vs abortion rights and it got me thinking. We  often hear politicians say proudly “We are a nation of laws”.  I have lived my life carefully, always staying within the lines of the laws that we are told we must obey. Usually I would agree with this as we always are told about the chaos that would ensue if we were to stop living by the rule of law, but then I thought more deeply about this way of life we are living.

It seems to me if we always do what we are told because we are told to, that in itself takes away our ability to experience  making choices and learning by experience what is the right way to live ones life. We wonder why so many people don’t seem to have morals and standards anymore, but I guess we no longer need them if we live by rules and laws and not by our own understanding of right and wrong and how one lives a respectable life by embracing wholesome morals.

There are so many subtle ways we have had our life experience tampered with and we are unfortunately beginning to  see the results of abandoning our sense of self. That is what creates chaos! If we don’t stop long enough to question how we are living life, what we are doing and where we are going, we are just going through the motions of living life but without purpose or understanding…Just a thought I had….

Blessings to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

8 thoughts on “Will We Choose To See The Truth….?

  1. Excellent words to think upon, VK! Yes laws are set in place to maintain order yet when they cross the lines of morality, that is when we all SHOULD stop and question and say NO! We are not to follow blindly. Yet so many do! And because we live in a free-will world, my definition of truth will differ from anyone else’s version of truth.

    Small story: The other day I made a u-turn on a road in order to park on the side of the road to get into a park I am now going. I wasn’t sure if I could park there due to all the “no parking” signs. There was a state trooper sitting on the side of road with radar. I decided to ask him if it is legal to park where I was. As I approached his vehicle, I made sure he saw my hands and in fact, made the Peace sign with my fingers of my right hand. Mind you, I had my camera vest on, which is black and kind of looks like a bullet proof vest. Having no idea how this man would react, I wanted to make sure he knew I was no threat. I smiled as I approached. He opened the passenger side window about 4 inches and so I proceeded to ask if I could park where my car was. When I was told yes, I thanked him, smiled, and told him to have a good day. I may put this story on my blog. I have to get a picture of what I looked like that day. LOL

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    • Crazy isn’t it where we find ourselves at these days, afraid the police will mistake us for terrorists or at least bad guys. Wow! Sick! I’m glad you asked him though and hopefully he got his glimpse of sanity and peace for one day instead of violence and hatred….The reports are due to be declassified this week at long last and the truth will come screaming out and people will have no choice but to awaken like it or not The deep state people who are culpable of serious crimes are freaking out and trying desperately their distract by attack mode but it will no longer work and everyone knows the game is over from Obama on down…Sit back and watch the crazy show begin..Took a while but it will be well worth it. Yipee!!!! Hugs to you….VK ❤

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  2. I think what you said here sums up a great deal of how the world has done off track. ” If we don’t stop long enough to question how we are living life, what we are doing and where we are going, we are just going through the motions of living life but without purpose or understanding”… So true,, I think many HAVE lost the purpose, and just go through the motions … How Sad for those who have lost their sense of purpose and their Dreams.. ❤
    Good to be back from my hols and now the long catch up today.. 🙂 I have a mission today, while its bleak outside, to have a computer day..
    Sending Love your way VK.. Hope alls well with you? ❤

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    • Thanks DW…..I always think upon that saying “Nobody said life was fair”….It’s a tough world and what we seem to have forgotten is the basic fact that how we live our life is up to “US” and yet Govt has set things up to have us depend upon them. Once we get beyond this warped thinking I hope things balance out and we move on. Glad you’ve had a restful retreat away from blogging for a while but it’s good to see you back 🙂 My son and his wife are visiting from Montana so I have been off line all week…I’ll be back next week. I’m enjoying my time away and a new perspective from younger minds! Be well friend and mega hugs your way and Hi to hubby….VK ❤

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