Watching And Waiting…

I seriously doubt I am the only one out here watching intently what has been going down around us for years now, but especially at this moment in time.  It is actually nerve wracking waiting for the other shoe to drop or the bomb to explode. You know it is coming sooner rather than letter, but when? Confusion rules the day it seems and everyday promises us a new round of drama to cram into our overstuffed minds to ponder. That is not good. Not just because we are maxing out on stress related issues, but if our minds are overstuffed with garbage, we cannot learn anything new, there is no empty space within our minds to put anything new to be digested. A mind that is not constantly learning is not growing and a mind that is not growing is a mind that is frozen in time, never changing, never expanding and never accepting new information. We remain stuck in our muck and spin around in circles because we can’t go forward.

We must stop spinning in circles, stop ingesting lies and propaganda and open our minds to new ways of thinking. Let us embrace new perceptions that shift our thinking that allow ourselves to grow, even if it feels uncomfortable.. Doing so eventually opens up our hearts so we can let the light in. Letting the light in changes who we are and we begin anew. Take care of yourself and realize you are the answer to everything, if you’re willing to stretch the horizon.

Blessings to all ❤




I have been reading a book by Jeffery Deaver this morning called The Never Game and the part I am reading about at the moment is about the world of video gaming and its prominence in the world today. I mean BIG money involved as well a huge following. I must say, personally, I don’t like this direction the world is taking and if this is considered progress, I am one of those old stick in the muds refusing to go along. WHY? Because in my mind this is not the direction the world should be taking. We are being driven and lured into a techno world that offers us an escape from reality. I suppose that is okay to many, but what concerns me is the fact that NOBODY ever asks WHY we are so desperate to escape reality! Nobody ever looks deeply into what is wrong with reality that we need to escape from it. Herein lies the answer to so many of our problems as a society and yet we never ask why or look for answers.

A large  percentage of society is suffering a massive void within that has metastasized to the point of where we find ourselves today, empty and lost and asking what is the purpose for being here? This feeling is very distressing, but if we distract ourselves enough, we can make it go away for the moment.  While technology has been hugely successful with moving us forward in connecting with one another, it is also driving us to live in a world of disconnection. I know, that sounds like a huge dichotomy and it is I guess, but it is still what is occurring. Yes we can connect with anyone in the world via the Internet, but at the same time we rarely connect face to face, handshake to handshake with people or even with ourselves. We exist in our own little worlds and communicate via social media in one form or another. Obviously not everyone is like this so I won’t generalize it, but far too many do to feel comfortable about it.

I hope people will think about such things and revisit their own situations to see if they are getting the most out of their lives or are they just blindly going along unaware of their plight and what direction they are going in. The more we seem to connect with others in the world the more we seem to disconnect from self and that is a very dangerous position to find ourselves in. Especially in this crazed world that demands our attention to stay free and safe yet we are lost and not even aware of what is happening to us. Enough said. Open your minds and THINK for yourself, ask the important questions nobody seems to ask anymore. It may save you.

Blessings to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

I guess I should have mentioned why I think this is all occurring in the world. It seems to me people feel like their lives and the world are so out of control, they can at least  can control the video world in which they find themselves. Sad.


A New Light To Follow…

I was looking at different articles on line a while ago and this one caught my eye, not just because I find the assault we are all witnessing on free speech appalling, but because it triggered off within me ideas for a new light to follow. That light is a world in which we all prioritize connecting strongly with ourselves and our purpose for being here over everything else. What is the true purpose of life anyway? Society is so preoccupied with trivial distractions that demand their attention that we have lost sight of the true reason why we are really here. This article I included above provoked a very strong surge of emotion through my body. The big tech companies are sucking away our life force and identity virtually unchallenged by the people, and this is what I find so disturbing. So many people have tuned out of life, disconnected from themselves and are in free fall heading for a major crash. There are problems with big tech companies becoming a threat to our way of life, that is very true, but….They have become a threat, only because we allowed them to with our silence and disconnection from what is going on around us.

They wouldn’t have all the power they hold at the moment if we humans hadn’t fallen prey to their persuasiveness and become addicted to social media and Television. Both sides are to blame here, but we can change this scenario by our actions. Imagine if you will a world in which we all spent our time and energy discovering ourselves and our life and what we have to offer the world, what life’s meaning is and how best we can interact with our lives for the benefit of all. It is the radical opposite of where we are today I know. Big tech companies would flounder because we no longer bowed down and worshiped them and their products because we no longer had a hole within us that we needed to fill up, instead we are whole and complete and satisfied as we are. The allure of social media no longer captivates us because we now realize there is far more to life than what we are living. We begin to crave a deeper way to live our lives.

Big tech surely would not like to see us go down that path for they would no longer be of major importance and therefore their sales would tumble. These are the moments in life we are shown and then asked by a mysterious knowing” What are you going to do about this?” Do we just let our way of life deteriorate to nothing because we are too busy to get involved or do we shift our perspective and become connected human beings searching for a better way to be? These times are like a long running before and after movie and I can’t help but wonder where we end up when all is said and done. Will we finally snap awake and realize we are NOT truly interacting with life, we are merely  passing through it oblivious and blind to its meaning and beauty?

Let Big Tech fail and save your own life, right now at this pivotal before and after moment. Sadly we know what the before has done to humanity, what will we do ahead to create the after? I keep praying people will begin to see how shallow their lives have become and they will begin to long for more depth and meaning and can see the error of their ways. Keeping my fingers crossed….

Blessings to all,


Cosmic Weather Report June 2019

Cosmic  Weather Report June 2019:
The Track of Happiness
by Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax 


Putney Mountain,
Throughout this June massive Jupiter is the most active planet, forming big and little aspects with many other planets. This planet of fortune presides over the optimal destiny your soul signed up for when it chose to reincarnate, and is always urging you to follow that direction and gain the fortune of blossoming into your most powerful positive future.
by Paula Duró
When you’re on track and in the groove, rocketing toward your brightest future, you receive the ultimate blessing of the king of the gods, a blessing of goodwill, wholeness and well-being. Just as Jupiter is massively larger than all other planets (which could fit into him combined) so too is your greater destiny so expansive that it’s sometimes hard to fathom when you get mired in the daily challenges of life– but becomes easier to see at times like these when Jupiter is so active.
This month the fuller scope of what you’re here for will be pulling on you, and even though Jupiter is the strongest and most positive planet, there’s a downside, which is that if the life you’re living has strayed from the one you were born to live, Jupiter’s increased presence reveals this gap in a stark measurement of the distance between the two.
by Matt Mills
But this colossal planet of goodwill is so supportive of your greatest happiness that, once you recognize you’re heading in the wrong direction you’ll receive enormous support for changing track, lining up with your higher nature and following through on what your soul chose to came here for. This requires a leap of faith that what feels right to you on a soul level is what you’re here for, and making good on it is the whole purpose of your life.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?


Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.