A New Light To Follow…

I was looking at different articles on line a while ago and this one caught my eye, not just because I find the assault we are all witnessing on free speech appalling, but because it triggered off within me ideas for a new light to follow. That light is a world in which we all prioritize connecting strongly with ourselves and our purpose for being here over everything else. What is the true purpose of life anyway? Society is so preoccupied with trivial distractions that demand their attention that we have lost sight of the true reason why we are really here. This article I included above provoked a very strong surge of emotion through my body. The big tech companies are sucking away our life force and identity virtually unchallenged by the people, and this is what I find so disturbing. So many people have tuned out of life, disconnected from themselves and are in free fall heading for a major crash. There are problems with big tech companies becoming a threat to our way of life, that is very true, but….They have become a threat, only because we allowed them to with our silence and disconnection from what is going on around us.

They wouldn’t have all the power they hold at the moment if we humans hadn’t fallen prey to their persuasiveness and become addicted to social media and Television. Both sides are to blame here, but we can change this scenario by our actions. Imagine if you will a world in which we all spent our time and energy discovering ourselves and our life and what we have to offer the world, what life’s meaning is and how best we can interact with our lives for the benefit of all. It is the radical opposite of where we are today I know. Big tech companies would flounder because we no longer bowed down and worshiped them and their products because we no longer had a hole within us that we needed to fill up, instead we are whole and complete and satisfied as we are. The allure of social media no longer captivates us because we now realize there is far more to life than what we are living. We begin to crave a deeper way to live our lives.

Big tech surely would not like to see us go down that path for they would no longer be of major importance and therefore their sales would tumble. These are the moments in life we are shown and then asked by a mysterious knowing” What are you going to do about this?” Do we just let our way of life deteriorate to nothing because we are too busy to get involved or do we shift our perspective and become connected human beings searching for a better way to be? These times are like a long running before and after movie and I can’t help but wonder where we end up when all is said and done. Will we finally snap awake and realize we are NOT truly interacting with life, we are merely  passing through it oblivious and blind to its meaning and beauty?

Let Big Tech fail and save your own life, right now at this pivotal before and after moment. Sadly we know what the before has done to humanity, what will we do ahead to create the after? I keep praying people will begin to see how shallow their lives have become and they will begin to long for more depth and meaning and can see the error of their ways. Keeping my fingers crossed….

Blessings to all,


5 thoughts on “A New Light To Follow…

  1. Yes the plan is to stop Free Speech, and we see it more and more how we are being manipulated into only speaking and ‘Thinking’ what is programmed..
    I have seen it on many of the sites I follow how even UFO sites are being shut down, and unfortunately VK we know how this world works.
    Which I suppose is why We can only work upon our own Inner Light, I like you have tried to speak and in my own light-way wake people up.. I could be more blunt in my approach to what we know is happening in the world.. But then I guess I am not adding light and the last think I wish to do is contribute to the fear.
    So While I keep my hubby informed and even he now is ‘Seeing’ and amazingly coming to his own conclusions which echo our own on subjects.. At least I have converted one LOL..
    As for our followers, I know some really get it.. But time is short.. And I have come to the conclusion the only light we need to brighten is our own.. As we open our own hearts and raise our own vibration..

    Much love for the love you show us… Love and Blessings to you VK
    DW ❤

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    • Thank you for your kind words and love DW…I’ve come to the conclusion that we can have all the light in the world to share with others, but if we don’t have faith that we will break through and create change it will never work. It’s why they have worked so hard to dash all hope and faith in the world. That is what we need to encourage and build upon. I know there are folks out there who have gained some insight from our posts and hopefully they share it with others. While I don’t post very often anymore, I still feel and hope we can reach one or two…Yay hubby!!!! Glad he has popped awake! Take care dear friend and keep the faith….Sending you love and hugs…VK ❤

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