Watching And Waiting…

I seriously doubt I am the only one out here watching intently what has been going down around us for years now, but especially at this moment in time.  It is actually nerve wracking waiting for the other shoe to drop or the bomb to explode. You know it is coming sooner rather than letter, but when? Confusion rules the day it seems and everyday promises us a new round of drama to cram into our overstuffed minds to ponder. That is not good. Not just because we are maxing out on stress related issues, but if our minds are overstuffed with garbage, we cannot learn anything new, there is no empty space within our minds to put anything new to be digested. A mind that is not constantly learning is not growing and a mind that is not growing is a mind that is frozen in time, never changing, never expanding and never accepting new information. We remain stuck in our muck and spin around in circles because we can’t go forward.

We must stop spinning in circles, stop ingesting lies and propaganda and open our minds to new ways of thinking. Let us embrace new perceptions that shift our thinking that allow ourselves to grow, even if it feels uncomfortable.. Doing so eventually opens up our hearts so we can let the light in. Letting the light in changes who we are and we begin anew. Take care of yourself and realize you are the answer to everything, if you’re willing to stretch the horizon.

Blessings to all ❤


2 thoughts on “Watching And Waiting…

  1. What you wrote kind of reminds me what I went through in 2012, waiting for something huge to happen. When it didn’t it completely devastated me. Now today I hold no thought as to what is going to happen or when, but only in today and how I can enjoy this day. After my horrible 2012 experience I will never again allow anyone to keep me on a hook telling me …. it’s almost here! Almost here never happens. I’m free to be me and to do what I want. And no one will change that. 💝💝💝

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