Going Home….

The time is finally upon us all, we have been waiting and wondering when this time would come. For most of our lives we thought we were home, feeling secure within the four walls of where we lived. And yet…Something always felt like it was missing, even more so now. So where is home?

Our home and our security lie within ourselves, not within our four walls. Unless we are secure with who we are and our place in this world, we remain unsettled and forever searching. So how do we get home? First and foremost we must ask ourselves ” How do I present myself to the world and in the end, to myself? Do we ever think about such a question? Do we even know who we truly are? Do we eagerly ask ourselves questions about ourselves and the world around us to anchor in our reality, or do we just float through life on autopilot, unaware of who we really are and why we are here? Are we fully engaged in life playing an active role in it or are we lost in the haze of distraction and drama, letting life pull us where it wants us to go rather than going where we want to go? Do we even know where we want to go?

Until we speak up for ourselves and speak out for all of those around us, we are not truly participating in life. To be honest, we are faced with a multitude of problems in the world right now, it has become so complex we have lost the strength that simplicity brings to our lives. Instead of bobbing and weaving our way through the traffic of life we now find ourselves enmeshed in the chaos of traffic jams because there are no traffic lights, the power has gone down. We find ourselves surrounded by lots of loud horn honking, name calling, fender benders and a great deal of anger. For so many there is no calm flow to life any longer, only rip currents and raging flood waters.

We can find peace in our lives again, but only if we have the courage to re-engage with life and face it head on. If we continue to refuse to think for ourselves but would rather choose to listen to what others are telling us to do or think or be, we are not following the path we are meant to be on. We are walking down a path that belongs to somebody else. In doing so we strip ourselves of our own inner power, we send ourselves the message that we must not trust ourselves enough to choose our own path and as a result we begin to stumble over rocks that have become boulders, unable to cross gentle streams that have become raging rivers.

Do we wish to continue driving around in circles trying to find our way or are we going to stop and ask for directions so we can get to where we wish to go more quickly? What the world has been sorely missing for a long time now, is people asking questions because they are aware of reality and are not asleep and they want answers. I am not sure just when we stopped asking questions and just began to go along with the program, being steered blindly down a path chosen by others, but this is a very dangerous path to navigate. This path sucks away our power, strips us of our identity and leaves us weakened and divided. It opens the door to uncertainty and in the end, that uncertainty leads us into fear.

It is time to go home! Time to reclaim who we are, time to actively take part in our day to day living again and it is time to rediscover our strength by walking down our own paths to where WE wish to go. Think for yourself again! Ask questions about everything until you get an answer and then ask yourself is this the correct answer or do I need to look more deeply. Let life flow through you not around you. Yes it takes great courage to do so, but it is the only true path to getting back home. It is the only true path to saving humanity and moving forward on our next journey through life.

Blessings to all,

Visionkeeper ❤


7 thoughts on “Going Home….

  1. What a post, VK!!! Brava for writing this!! I couldn’t agree with you more …. NOW is the time for all us of to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who we are and not only that, to express that knowledge. I’ve been doing that of late, and believe me, I have come to some very hard knock downs. People do not take it lightly when we dare to express who we really are. How shocking that is. Don’t we all have the right to not only be who we are meant to be but also have the freedom to express that greatness within us? Heck yeah, we do! I LOVE this post, VK!! Keep on shining! Thank you so much for having the courage to write this post. Bless you, dear friend!! 🌟🌟🌟

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  2. Hi VK… it’s odd, this is the second time I’ve heard the phrase ‘ask for directions’, only the first time it was filled with anger and negativity. I think I’m noticing it a lot clearer this time. I seem to have been dragged along with things for the past few months… I think it’s time I stopped and declared I can walk for myself… and then find the directions I need. Yes, that feels more positive.
    Hope you’re having a good weekend, VK.

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    • Wow! That is pretty profound TL…It is such a cool thing when we get two or three messages that wake us up and we see a new perspective. It’s the kind of stuff that makes life interesting and have meaning. Did you ever read the book Celestine Prophsey? Great read btw…It’s all about following messages and how we need to be awake and aware to them to keep moving forward. Happy travels! May it all go smoothly. Have a good week ahead….VK


  3. Ah life. Becoming more stressful, more sidetracking, and as you say…at what cost?
    Hopefully it will drive the awakening faster too, the uproar that it brings so that a breakthrough arrives.
    Then that inner peace descends in that understanding, so that the world can go to hell in a hand basket and it will no longer hold sway as it once did.
    Well spoken, may your journey be always with that inner peace 🙏🏼

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    • Greetings Mark! Good seeing you and thank you for your kind comment. Life is definitely an interesting journey. It’s like the fun house at the fair, distortions everywhere.I agree with you on hoping we awaken and breakthrough soon.It certainly feels like it is time. We seem to have come to a brick wall and we have to decide if we are going to stand there and complain or are we going to climb over…we shall see! Have a wonderful Sunday and a peaceful week ahead….Blessings…VK ❤

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