Who Am I ?

One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is how it seems we humans have stopped asking questions about life and about who we are or why we are here. We seem to have settled into a mundane life where we get up in the morning and shuffle ourselves off to work for eight hours and then shuffle back home when the day is over. Everything we do is automatic and demands very little thought from us. It is almost as if our brains have atrophied from lack of stimulation. Because we have forgotten to question ourselves, we have begun to loose sight of who we are, we just exist and do as we are told.

How can we know ourselves if we do not ask questions about who we are or why we are here, what is our purpose and most importantly, am I happy with the way I’m living? What if we are not happy and don’t even realize it and waste half our lives living in a way that goes against who and what we are simply because we never stopped to ask ourselves those important questions? It never even occurred to us. That is not uncommon. The important questions I believe we should be asking ourselves at least once a year are ‘Am I living my life in the best way possible? Am I making myself happy, is how I’m living making a positive, happy effect on those around me, am I being the best person I am capable of being?’

Why have we stopped being ‘Inquiring minds want to know’. Have we grown lazy as life has become easier? Perhaps it has become too much effort to ask these questions as that would require action on our part to be who we wish to be and we really would rather play on our smart phones. I’m not sure how or when we detoured off the path towards wholeness, but we have for sure. It feels as if we have ceased caring about who we are or how we present ourselves to the world. This has slipped into our way of life because we have forgotten to embrace morals or principles and by not adhering to such ideals we have lost our grasp on respect as well.  If we don’t know ourselves how can we can about ourselves and if we don’t care about ourselves how can we care about anyone else?

If I could have just one dream come true I would want for humanity to regain its innate desire to question life and oneself. We were born curious, as babies we crawled about through life observing everything, touching everything, eating everything even when we shouldn’t. It was our infants way of trying on life, seeing what was worthy of our attention, what felt good and what felt bad. So why have we stopped thinking this is important for us to continue? Have we gotten to where we no longer feel we have anything else to learn? Have our egos taken over and led us astray?

I think a great deal of the insanity we see gripping the world today comes from a lack of awareness. So many people haven’t got a clue about who they are or what they want.  So few people are asking questions because if they aren’t personally engaged in life why bother?  But this lack of curiosity is having a huge effect on the world and not in a positive way. Spend some alone time with yourself and ask yourself some questions. Am I living my life the best way I can? Am I happy? Am I living my dream or did I abandon it? How can I help leave the world a better place before I depart? Does my being have a positive impact on the world or am I making it worse? It’s important for us to know the answers to these questions.

Blessings and love to all ❤


9 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. There are so, so many who have no clue who they are or are even remotely bothered about finding themselves VK..
    But I am pleased to say I found ME.. LOL.. and YOU dear VK found YOU.. and we found each other LOL..

    I have come to understand that while we may want the rest to wake up and question, sadly the majority will remain asleep and unaware..
    But that is fine… Those who need to wake up are.. and have..
    And those who remain in slumber will..

    I finally understand that so long as we focus upon our own inner journey our own inner light, raising our own vibration as high as possible we ultimately are helping the world..
    We should never stop questioning though I totally agree.. And we should always be seeking the truth..
    We are all responsible for our actions and thoughts. It does no harm to remind others to question the actions of others and be aware of the bigger picture within this Matrix..

    On a lighter note.. the decorating almost done! 🙂
    ❤ Sending LOVE and Hugs my friend ❤

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    • I hear you DW….I agree with all you say! I guess at times I just feel a deep disappointment that we aren’t further along on the journey. Well, we may be but so much of this world is not. I truly thought we would have moved forward more, but I understand now the sad fact that the downfall of the powers that be must act out in its final days but it is being so disruptive and misleading and people are falling for it all. I didn’t count on this aspect back in 2012….Lots to be learned. So we keep hope alive and make our lives thrive! hugs and love DW…Have a great weekend ahead….VK ❤

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      • Lots happening behind the scenes, but on the surface nothing much seems to be changing.. But I will keep my optimistic hat on lol..
        Great weather forecast for this Holiday weekend VK, So I will be making the most of it..
        Sending HUGE hugs from across the ocean.. Lots of LOVE my friend and take care of YOU.. ❤


  2. Loved Mark’s reply, VK. I’m with him. I am ALIVE and kicking and questioning all the time. I like to see the link between circumstances and events, asking why is this happening and for what purpose? I’m naturally curious and that is not going to stop any time soon. Life is exciting and beautiful and wondrous indeed. Every chance I get I walk into FLOW and exclaim at what I both feel and see and sense. Who am I? I know who I am and that, dear friend, took many many years in the making. GREAT post!! Thank you so much for being who you are and questioning. Good for you!!! 💝💝💝

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    • Thanks AR….Quick reply from here as we are being bombarded with a thunderstorm so I’m shutting the computer off and pulling the plug….Hope all is well your way…I was born questioning everything. I thrive on curiosity….Hugs…VK ❤


  3. Singing and dancing blissfully as we speak…but I have found me. To get to that place I had to face those things that I had locked in deep, and in these days we are so tired from ‘life’ that our coping strategies are pretty low.
    We just have to have courage and face those bits that we fear, the sooner we break through those, the more energy suddenly flows through us…and we are free.
    Freedom automatically takes away all that fatigue, tiredness, stress and a thousand other negative connotations. And it also gives us great strength, courage and a love like nothing else.
    When we fall madly in love ‘how do we feel’? Elated, powerful, blissful! Well that removal of our negativities is in fact finally falling in love with ourselves, the one person we have always ‘avoided’ because of how we feel about ourselves.
    Break free, finally touch that love and happiness we have always sought, it is there just waiting for us to take that one step…and be free ❤️

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    • Hey Mark….I agree, freedom is powerful, it’s why they don’t want us to have it, but they forgot that we create what we choose. There is little to be done to stop that! Freedom is exhilarating, I would so love to see the whole world free at long last. Probably not in my life time but I’ll be watching from above. I think we have laid the groundwork! Thanks for your thoughts. Have a good weekend….VK 🙂

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