Change Is In The Air…..

The last dregs of summer try desperately to hold on, but the encroaching change that always arrives with Autumn is already here. A few leaves have begun to slowly change colors and some have even begun to dry up and make their final voyage to earth, the crinkly  husks filling the ditches along dusty dirt roads.  The rolling fields have turned from lush deep green to browns and golds, evening temperatures have quietly begun to fall into the 40’s and you know it’s time to add one more blanket (or cat) to the bed.  The beauty of nature changes its colors, textures, smells, animals begin to change getting busy growing a winter coat of fur and collecting food supplies, time changes and so one has to ask why don’t we? It’s more than just adding a warmer coat to our wardrobe or an extra blanket to the bed, it’s a good time to ask ourselves some questions and check in with who and what we are. Does our personal world  feel like it is going in the right direction? Are we happy with our life, are we living our dream? Are we growing and expanding our minds and opening up our hearts? Are we actively ‘living’ life or are we just letting it move like a river around us instead of through us?

Autumn has arrived and while you are busy bringing sweaters out of cedar chests and putting the sandals away and replacing them with shoes and socks, why not take stock in your personal life as well? If we never check in with ourselves and ask the difficult questions, how can we possibly know if where we are going and what we are doing is what is best for us? Time that slips past us everyday unused will not be back around again for us to take a second bite of the apple. The media and crazed politicians work overtime to make sure the people are consumed by  distractions constantly provided to us via  technology to lead us astray. Pay attention to YOU and what brings you happiness and pursue that faithfully. You matter, we all matter. Be kind to yourself and to those around you. Be open to change, feel excitement in becoming a new you not fear. Now is the time to do it!

Blessings and love to all ❤


5 thoughts on “Change Is In The Air…..

  1. Yes change is here, VK. Time to take a look within and decide is this where we want to be? What can I change? Do I need to change? And yes keep focusing on what makes us happy. LOVE this music. I’m putting it on my bookmarks to listen to when I edit images. Thank you!!

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