How Do We Heal….


I am one of those curious type minds that never stop trying to figure things out so I can find the answers. I suppose in some ways that is good. Somebody has to use their brain to find answers. This is why I am very concerned about where humanity finds itself right now. We sit at a very critical juncture in regards to our future and it seems to me we are being asked at this moment in time to decide who we are to become next.  I can see the battle unfolding as to who will win out. So how do we heal ourselves?

I tend to be a big picture thinker and so I see outcomes of situations from all angles. If humanity continues to further its perilous slide into AI (Artificial Intelligence, robots, and more advanced technology) all of which can be designed to control the masses, we will stop evolving to higher levels and remain where we are. If humanity abandons a lot of the social media addiction that has captured many young minds and led them away from who they are and we return to a more connected, more meaningful, simpler way of life where we learn to care about one another, we continue to move forward and expand humanity to new levels. As with everything in life, we are given a choice. Which do we want? Which road will humanity go down? It is both a terrifying time to be alive and immensely exciting as well.

I think a great deal of the inner work people have been doing on themselves lately has been to ready ourselves for change. We are destroying one another right now, we are isolated and unsure what to do and so many are lashing out in fear. We can all look around and see something is out of whack, something is very, very wrong, everything has been turned upside down. It is an urgent time right now to understand we must protect our minds by exercising them continually by thinking on our own. We must listen less to those outside of us and more to the voices within us.  The final battle between light and dark will be in our minds. One faction wants to control and own us, the other faction wants to be free to be themselves and reconnect with life.

Until we are FULLY using our minds and are controlling our thoughts and beliefs, we cannot heal ourselves. You can’t heal the thinking of brainwashed, drugged out people. We need to get clean in body, mind and spirit We need to take control of our own power and think for ourselves, ask questions and demand proof of everything from now on. We have been lied to long enough. We can do this together, but we need to clean ourselves up so we are ready to embrace becoming the new paradigm.

Blessings and hope….

Visionkeeper ❤

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