Grounding Reality…


I pay close attention to the world around me as well as inside me and it seems to me the world could use a good dose of grounding to center itself before it tips itself too far and looses all balance. I long ago abandoned television and it’s evil propaganda, which finally allowed me to breathe freely again, and if it weren’t for blogging I would probably give up the Internet as well. I am done with being told what to think and feel, what I can and cannot do, what it acceptable and what is not! I’m done!

I am me and you are you and we both have a right to live the life we choose, become the people we wish to become, do what we wish to do and believe in what we choose to believe in. I have come to the conclusion for myself, that the craziness infecting this planet is here for a specific purpose. We are meant to become saturated with craziness to the point we can’t take it anymore and we are finally willing and brave enough to venture forth to change who we are. Change is multi faceted and very complex, it is life altering and therefore creates fear within. This craziness is a gift to push us over the edge into a new space where humanity can expand and evolve to the next level. A space where the silence allows us to ask the important questions we keep avoiding. Is this who we truly wish to be? Is there not a more loving way to live our lives with more meaning and a compassion for all?

We must not allow ourselves to get swept up in the sick thinking that is overtaking our way of life. Cut the cord connecting you to the old ways of being, they no longer work, we have shifted our thinking beyond their limits. Stay grounded and shut out the garbled  white noise of the craziness. Spend quality time out in nature, give yourself extra time to just be silent, and listen to your gut not the outside world.

Drumming music can be quite grounding. Give it a listen. Let us become Heart Warriors and lift up the planet by first uplifting ourselves and then those around us.

Blessings and love ❤


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