Signs Of The Times…


Are you feeling the effects of the energies sweeping about the planet right now? It appears that humanity has reached a pivotal crossroads. We are all gathered at the fork in the road wondering which way to go. I believe most minds are already made up. The system that surrounds us and drives us has become outdated, it continues to function as needed to maintain basic necessities, but it can no longer provide the strong foundation needed to support a positive direction and the new growth humanity so desperately needs to experience.

I keep sensing right now we are all meant to be preparing ourselves for change. All of the mounting tensions around the world are telling us things are NOT working the way they are now. We have outgrown the old system and it is now time to create a new one that honors who we are becoming. At the present moment we are drowning in the horrors we have thrust upon one another, we know deep inside what we are doing is wrong but our broken system refuses to set us free without a challenge. It is time now to face that challenge, to find the courage to face what we must change and expand our thinking. We are creatures of habit who find comfort in repetition and familiarity so we cling to the old and stiff arm the new, regardless of the fact we are bored and not evolving into the “More” we can become. We have accepted a life of “Less”, we’ve become used to “Less” and in doing so we have lost our inspiration to become “More”.

The war raging around the world is not about political parties and who is right and who is wrong despite the fact they push that agenda on society 24/7. No, the war raging is about the inequality and the false premises we have accepted as truths rather than question them, like “Boys will boys” or “corruption is just the way of politics”. Really? By allowing ourselves to continue to believe in such lies we are avoiding our responsibility to stop the injustice around the world and make things right. The longer these false claims go unchallenged the deeper they become entrenched in our thinking and the harder they become to remove! It is our avoidance of challenging these lies we are fed that is eroding our society and eating away at our moral fabric of life.

The biggest lie we live with is the notion of scarcity. It is scarcity that drives us to accumulate money at all costs, fight each other for what we want or think we need, it is scarcity that weakens our oneness. We could accomplish way more by working together rather than falling into the scarcity trap and fighting against one another. World leaders know this and so the mantra of scarcity is constantly drummed into our heads and stupidly we have believed this nonsense. As we begin to wake up to the truth we begin to see more clearly what is really going on. This is where the real war is raging. The war between those who for selfish gain wish to remain locked into the old paradigm of lies and those who have awakened and desire to move forward into a world of “More” that operates out of compassion and sharing.

This moment in time is asking us which path do we choose to go down. Will we choose to remain locked into this outdated way of being where we are driven by the lie of scarcity which leads to dividing us all or are we willing to accept the challenge to become more, together, in oneness where we all have what we need? Let us use the energy of this new moon to set our intentions to open our hearts and minds to becoming more, becoming better. A true change begins by people awakening to truth and not being scared back into hiding and inaction. There is indeed a huge mountain before us to climb, but together we can do it! We are all needed to move humanity forward, there is plenty for all if we just decide we wish to share rather than hoard out of fear of scarcity. We are destroying ourselves by believing the lies and letting them dictate who and what we are. It is time to free ourselves and the unrest all around the world tells me the message has become universal and there is no way to silence such a massive message.

Blessings and love to all ❤


10 thoughts on “Signs Of The Times…

  1. Oh WOW VK…. so well said.. and I am clapping my hands here virtually as I agree with all you have said here..
    And how it echos my own thoughts as I return to the world of blog today, though if I am honest I did so kicking and screaming.. But my inner guidance has been prompting me for several days to say what is in my mind and return to reunite with friends who like you know the TRUTH of this reality…

    I have missed you all since I was absent…. but so happy to be back among those who understand… And yes now is that time dearest VK… like none other..
    Love and HUGE Hugs your way my friend ❤

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    • Thanks DW and it’s SOOOO good to have you back! I trust your time away was quiet and gentle and renewed your soul. I know we are lucky to share roughly the same wave length and as you say it is a comfort to share sanity and honesty for a while. Thank goodness we all awoke together pretty much and we well know the journey that has been taken by us all. Not an easy one at times, but always together! I stay in control of my boundaries so I can stay in control of my sanity. Like you I too have spent long times away from everyone trying to keep my balance. It all comes down to what we know and believe in our hearts and if we follow in that direction we will find our way out of this darkness. Hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂 Glad to see you back here! Have a blessed weekend and huge hugs to you my friend and all my very best to hubby….Love to you…VK ❤

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      • I agree VK, keeping our Sanity and Balance is KEY to everything, Knowing what we do can as I said in my post take us down the rabbit hole, but we both of us like to tunnel and dig out the truth for sure.. And its only by SEEing the Bigger Picture which keeps us going..
        Knowing that even though its a bumpy ride we will get over those hurdles one way or another, though I don’t think back in 2012 when we more or less connected we would witness so much frustrating events and that it would take this long for others to wake up and smell the coffee as you in the USA say lol..
        But we are hanging in there, Knowing what we know, we are on course, and we have to exercise patience and tolerance, even though that can be hard given with what we see happening..
        But love and Light will prevail.. We just have to keep our hearts steadfast on course…
        Much love right back VK and happy to be back within this wonderful community of friends again, ( even though I may still vanish once in a while..)
        ❤ Hugs my friend ❤

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    • We all keep vanishing from time to time DW, that is where sanity resides! You are so correct about our 2012 awareness and how it has expanded ten fold…I never in a million years was able to foresee what is taking place today! We are each struggling with corruption on a mega scale and it’s so hard to go up against that, but we continue to push forward despite the push back! We WILL get to the light at the end of the tunnel and when we do it will be a huge celebration. I hope we are here to witness it! Hugs and tons of love…VK

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  2. Standing ovation here!! Way to go, VK! I’ve been locking horns with certain ones who insist on clinging to the old while I insist to embrace the new with confidence and with joy. I am standing on and in my truth. No one can force anyone to embrace the new. They just have to get to a point themselves where they are finally fed up with the BS. We’re doing this!! YES!!

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