Be The Light…

We have no higher purpose in life than bringing forth our light to shine upon the darkness we see all about us. We shine our true light when we do not judge, when we strive for equality for all, when we embrace compassion and kindness in our hearts unconditionally, when we honor our individual journeys here on earth and show each other a deep respect for their space and their choices and their right to live as they choose. There is far more healing power in connecting as one with our light and working together, instead of fighting multiple battles to try and repress someones freedom to be. Resistance tears down and destroys whereas unity encourages valuable growth and strength. Have a blessed weekend and share your light where it may be needed. If we all do it the world will begin to glow .

Blessings to all… ❤


Cosmic Weather Report…

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Cosmic  Weather Report November 2019:
Graduating From The Almost Species
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
Throughout November the cosmic weather remains polarized, with the personal planets on one side of the sky facing transcendent planets on the other side. This opposition cuts to the core of the human dilemma: Are we ever going to merge with our higher selves, or forever wallow in the ignorant self-destruction of our lower natures?
Humanity has become the Almost Species. Throughout history, and more so at present, we’ve  almost blossomed the love we’re made of,  almost risen out of the dark ages of fear, violence and bigotry.  We’ve  almost lived up to the great wisdom and compassion inside us mentioned by wise ones through the ages who saw through our false selves and tried to set us on a better path.
By Michael Divine
To grow out of the Almost Species into our true selves, we must heal this split and solve our core paradox: How come a race with so much potential keeps sabotaging itself? How come a species with so much brilliance chooses ignorance?
A gene seems built into humanity which makes us fail to recognize the truth of who we are and what we have until it’s almost gone. Our planet is burning and corporate greed is using this catastrophe to reap even more profits. Whistleblowers who reveal the stinking corruption of this are crucified instead of celebrated.
Yet, beneath this twisted karmic theater farce of The Final Act of a False Civilization, a great awakening is spreading from person to person across the world, as millions of people break out of numbness and complacency to realize they’re here for something more than keeping the Machine going. When you heal your inner split everyone else’s split has less power over you. When you awaken from the farce you get to play a lead role in the karmic theater production of The Lives We Were Born to Live, by using everything dark and deadly to catalyze everything bright and alive.
By Tomasz Alen Kopera
As corrupt power structures collapse we must claim the truth within. That means opening your heart and tapping deep reserves of creative soul fire. It means believing in the buried goodness inside our race and not letting anyone stop  you from throwing your strength behind it. Most of all it means teaming up with like-minded souls sick to death of living a lie.
As California burns and power company executives count their profits, we must shift allegiance from the Almost Species into the Transformed Ones. Like in the 1960s when the twisted lies of that time catalyzed a counter force of worldwide awakening, we need to awaken the great love and truth sleeping within:
We were talking, about the love that’s gone so cold
And the people who gain the world and lose their soul   
(From  Within You Without You by George Harrison)
If we use the hyper-polarization of our time to conjure the wholeness within, we’ll finally make the hidden promise of our species come true and  graduate from the Almost Species into the Fully-Arrived Ones.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?
Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the  Cosmic Weather Report c an be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.

Bring Back Kindness….


I feel a strong need and desire to pursue kindness these days, to try to help heal humanity and I feel strongly all  other people need to be invited to partake in healing themselves and the world through being kind as a whole. If asked today the question, does the world represent who you are right now, I don’t think our society today would make them feel deep pride nor would they have a desire to claim to be a part of it. Just the opposite. What we have become today is disturbing to say the least. Having just spent the last two months working hard on changing my habits and in the end my beliefs, I now am able to begin to believe in future change as a strong possibility for our world. If I can create new and positive habits that are improving my life daily, the world can as well. No question in my mind. The main problem will be enticing the people to want to partake in changing the world by changing themselves and those around them. Many are so distracted and angered into frenzy by false propaganda, I don’t know how to present this possibility of change so that it will be embraced and not flat out rejected.

I am fortunate that I was born a very curious person and what drives me through life is challenge. I wish everybody had a lust and love for challenge and a desire to improve humanity. We would be well on our way to expanding our consciousness. We have been taught however, to fear challenge and dread it as a bad thing., when in fact it can be exhilarating. A challenge is simply a grand way to prove your worth to yourself by your success in facing the challenge. As with everything most of us do everyday, we need an incentive of some kind to drive us, something needs to be sparked within us, to rev up our engines and light a fire under our feet. 

Society presently finds itself wallowing in the darkness of muck and mire at the bottom of the well wondering how we got down there and how we get ourselves out. Millions of unknowing people have had their souls sucked out of them during their lifetimes, their reason for existence wiped clear and their sense of selves made to no longer be important enough to seek out and connect with. We have been lured into the depths of television, social media and the death trap they can become. It’s as if we have been driving along the interstate not paying attention to where we are going, not taking in land marks to guide us should we lose our way and now we are lost! Our smart phones may well be able to find the direction we need go in through GPS, but it cannot find our lost souls for us or help us get back our experiences of life we lost out on by being distracted and brainwashed into numbness.

The world is sorely lacking kindness. Much of humanity has been divided for so long now we have forgotten how to care about one another from our hearts. The very way of life we have been taught to live breeds division without our even realizing it. I guess what I’m saying is we need to reclaim ourselves, back to who and what we were before we were kidnapped and lured into slavery all the while being told we are free! Very clever of them and what is worse we fell for it. We have been fed a slow drip of false information over our lifetime, it is insidious in that it is subtle and invasive and it has infected our thinking and created our misguided beliefs and habits, and are they truly even our beliefs or what we’ve been taught to believe? If in the end those beliefs and habits become detrimental to our way of life and our happiness and purpose, they must be changed if one is to improve their quality of life personally or as a whole, as a society.

We as a whole can change the direction we are going in by changing our habits and beliefs. I’ve mentioned before the book Atomic Habits . In the book, the Author James Clear explains how to change your habits slowly but effectively, two minutes at a time. Changing habits changes beliefs. It works! I have created quite a few positive, new habits I do every day now and yes, they make me feel better! Imagine millions of people doing the same thing and what would begin to happen to the world as a result. Now if we can just get millions of people started on creating new habits, taking up the challenge to change together,  we are on our way to peace and a compassionate world! We need many minds working together on this. Who is going to figure out how to bring everyone together and partake in this challenge? That is YOUR challenge to figure out and your chance to make an inspiring difference in the world. Good luck!

Blessings to all ❤ ,