Be The Light…

We have no higher purpose in life than bringing forth our light to shine upon the darkness we see all about us. We shine our true light when we do not judge, when we strive for equality for all, when we embrace compassion and kindness in our hearts unconditionally, when we honor our individual journeys here on earth and show each other a deep respect for their space and their choices and their right to live as they choose. There is far more healing power in connecting as one with our light and working together, instead of fighting multiple battles to try and repress someones freedom to be. Resistance tears down and destroys whereas unity encourages valuable growth and strength. Have a blessed weekend and share your light where it may be needed. If we all do it the world will begin to glow .

Blessings to all… ❤


5 thoughts on “Be The Light…

    • Thank you Mark for such kind words! We are all light houses and one day soon the light will join together and spread around the planet. Maybe not in my lifetime, but I know it will. Your light has already encouraged others to shine…May the glow be with us! ❤ VK

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  1. I went out for a walk today with my camera. When I came home I walked into a thick cloud and ominous silence. Hubby was furious. And I’m sure he made that very clear when I wasn’t home. I thought I had closed a huge bag of pumpkin seeds that were in the fridge but the clasp did not take hold. He went to pull out the bag and seeds went flying everywhere. Words were said to me and instead of responding in kind, I began to sing. I could barely do so, that cloud was so heavy. But I sang and opened the door to let fresh air in and before I knew it, the good quiet was back and peace once again had taken hold. Yes light when it shines dissipates the darkness. Compassion for hubby as well came from my heart after I let him know it is not tolerated to explode in anger when we have a houseful of cats who are not feeling well. I went to each one murmuring healing words of healing over each one. Again the light dispersed the heavy. I couldn’t agree more.

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    • Hey AR….Thank you! What you did is how we spread the love and create the glow….Small shifts on a daily basis and we will eventually see the change. Glad that shift worked out for you and hubby relaxed a bit 🙂 I had to laugh about the pumpkin seeds. If you think about it, with all the insanity being imposed upon the world, hubby chose pumpkin seeds to set him off…lol…Hugs…VK ❤

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      • I could put a humorous spin on this story …. seeds flying everywhere as hubby’s face goes HUH? Totally unexpected. Hubby’s lesson is not to react when something goes wrong …. BIG lesson I know. (smile) And don’t get me wrong about how I act …. there are times I go downstairs in front a big mirror and shadow box to release my frustrations. Win-win! Glad you laughed at the picture of pumpkin seeds flying through the air. LOL

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