Merry Christmas To All…

I wanted to take this time to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas full of love and peace within…Thank s to each and every one of you who spend time here and sharing your thoughts. You are greatly appreciated! Please remember that how we react to the world around us is our choice, so choose wisely! We can add to the chaos or we can offer our sanity to help balance the world out. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. I send you all love…

Visionkeeper ❤

It’s Time To Let Go…

Yes….It is indeed time for us to let go of what was and embrace what can be.  For several years now I just never felt like I could belong anywhere. Nothing seemed to fit my personality, no place seemed to capture and hold me, my balance in the world was off. It took me quite a long while to realize I wasn’t fitting in because I had unknowingly shifted to a new paradigm. It’s why everything feels like nonsense to me and it is impossible for me to grasp how people can think the way they do much of the time. I was struggling mightily to stay afloat as I moved forward downstream. Half way down stream as I was dodging rocks and tree trunks, I finally figured out why I was having so much trouble navigating. All the while I was exhausting my energies trying to move forward I didn’t realize my boat was still tied to the dock. Until I could cast off the rope and set sail would I be free. This is what this moment in our evolution is all about, letting go of the old paradigm and sharing our energies in building the new one. As we usher out the old and welcome in the new year, let us welcome in a new way of being as well. Find the courage to let go of what was and begin building on what will be.

It’s All About You…..

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Well, here we go into the holiday season and for those of us living in the U.S.A. it is also a time of great upheaval. It is truly amazing to witness what is taking place these days. It is extremely  frustrating to see what politics has become and all the people politicians are willing to inflict pain upon in order to satisfy their need to get rid of a sitting President they don’t want in office. It is stunning to watch the players in action and the lengths they are willing to go to. It is both tragic and very sad. That said, that reality that the politicians are creating for themselves is exactly that, THEIR reality, not yours!

If one refuses to listen to the propaganda on television and stop participating in the war of insanity and words on Social Media, if one just tunes out the chaos and focuses on their own lives and making themselves the best they can be, that is where peace resides. If enough people refuse to participate in the drama eventually the tides will turn. The world needs each of us to do our part.  As I look at this country right now, I see no moral compass, no honesty,  no love and compassion, no respect, no acceptance of freedom of speech and no understanding of our oneness and what that means. It is a very sad state to find ourselves in. We have lost our way, we no longer are living by the life laws we have honored forever up until now. They no longer exist.

Life laws don’t exist in THEIR world, but that is most certainly not my world! This is why I say it’s all about you! It is up to us to honor our life laws in our own worlds reality.  I make it a point to reach out to those in need who happen into my life, I listen when someone is speaking to me, honestly listen, I respect each soul I interact with every day and to be a truthful, honest person whose compassion is unwavering. You can have a huge segment of society running rough shod over all others, but if we all are doing our best and living from our hearts, that percentage will continue to grow as those around us begin to do the same. You can be ugly on Twitter or Face Book or in the media where lots of people will give you kudos for being as ugly as you can be, but try doing that in an environment of positive people living from their hearts. Believe me they won’t accept any of that. That drama is not welcome.

It’s Christmas time and we should not be doing what we are doing to one another as a society. We are destroying ourselves very quickly! Please take the time this holiday season to reach out to those in need, be kind where kindness is scarce, respect all those who may think differently than you, that is their right! They just can’t force feed you those ideas without your consent.  Open up your hearts to others and open your minds to new ideas. There is no need to be filled with anger and rage in YOUR own reality. There is always room for love and compassion if you are willing to offer it. Your world and your reality can be a beautiful place if you have the courage to shut out the darkness and walk your own path into the light.

Merry Christmas season to all ❤

Blessings and love,