Changing Our Path…

I keep hearing people say or people write about the fact the world needs love. It certainly is a vast statement, but I get what is being discussed, I just keep wondering how that statement can become more focused yet simplified to help people understand the gravity of this moment on our journey. Yes it is a desperate fact that the world needs love but just how would we go about accomplishing this challenge? I have written about this before in other posts, but I wish to mention it again. Each of us when we come into being have a choice of living our lives in one of two ways. We can live our lives as either Givers or Takers. It really is as simple as that. Yes negative childhood influences can steer us in unwanted directions but still, in the end, the choice is always ours.

Perhaps one of the more profound ways we can help love our broken world back to wholeness is by deciding and committing to living our life as a Giver. Thankfully there are of course wonderful and inspiring givers in the world right now, but there are a great many Takers as well. It has become a true dog eat dog world out there, filled with sharp edges, rough surfaces and sadly, closed minds and hearts. We have been pushed and prodded into seeing and believing we are deeply divided, we are not equal, we are not worthy of respect and because of these beliefs this is how we manifest life to be. Yes there are a million different takers out there ready to rip us off, steal from us, use us etc. It seems like a huge task to hope we could encourage everyone to become a Giver.  It won’t just happen one day, we must strive for that outcome by changing our individual lives, by each of us becoming a Giver and interacting with life in brand new ways that lift up others around us and fill them with the inspiration to make changes in their lives as well.

I think the greatest gift we could give the world and give each other is to step away from the drama that has sucked the world into a web of negativity and commit ourselves instead to becoming a true Giver.  Cast aside the propaganda that is warping humanities thinking right now and be willing to become vulnerable, to stand up for ourselves, to become a Giver of life, to be willing to become who our heart would really like us to be. When we take off all of our masks that hide our insecurities, in the end will we be a Giver or a Taker? Being a Giver is the surest way of finding purpose and meaning for our lives which in turn will provide us with great happiness and pride and ultimately peace within. I challenge everyone to become a committed Giver if they aren’t already. As a whole we can change the world.

Blessings and ❤ to all,