Stop And Think…..

I was reading a book recently, actually re-reading it for a second time. It was a book called ” The Soul Of Money” by Lynn Twist. There were two sentences in it that really caught my eye this time around and really got me thinking. They said ” The vicious cycle of poverty, she said, has been clearly articulated  and is widely known. What is less obvious and goes almost completely unacknowledged is the vicious cycle of wealth.” There is so much truth in that statement. It seems we have all been well versed forever on the perils of poverty yet the perils of wealth continue to be ignored. They are never openly discussed. Money has become a weapon of mass destruction.

From what I have witnessed over my life time, there is a grotesque disparity that continues to grow unabated between the rich and the poor. We spend millions on throwing money into programs for the poor that never seem to work but who has ever tried to stop the inequality and disruption caused by an overabundance of wealth? Why is that? We have been brainwashed into thinking the more rich we are the better off we are and it is the direction we should all be aiming for. Never do we hear mention of equality and the importance of making sure EVERYONE has enough to live happily and healthily on in their lifetime!

I believe society has once again gone way off its course as we continue to shuffle along blindfolded towards the evolution of our species. NEVER do we see programs geared towards helping people understand our ONENESS. Constantly we are separated and divided by our leaders(?) and our Government by our skin color, our sex, our careers, our income standing in the world etc. It is never suggested that we help one another up off their knees, it is never suggested that we should  all be equal, it is never suggested that we all care about one another, it certainly is never suggested that we all strive towards being as one. Perhaps if people were more inclined to share and spread the wealth around we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today, but that is not what we are taught. The Have’s versus the Have Nots continues to flourish. So much anger, sadness loneliness and pain are born out of this scenario.

It is time to awaken to the truth, to take notice of the false ideas we have been taught and have grown up on, ideas all geared towards humanity accepting wealth as the pinnacle of what we are reaching for as we scramble up the proverbial ladder of life. Really? Can we not see the discord we create by making money the center of our universe rather than the joy of oneness by sharing our lives with one another? Is it not time to silence the lies and distortions being perpetrated upon us all by a small fraction of super wealthy, control seeking, dominating zealots who have only their own health, wealth and happiness in mind? As long as the world seems to be riled up at the moment and very unsatisfied, lets urge everyone to get to the heart of their problems by stopping our worship of pieces of paper and metal coins and start worshiping what truly matters. LIFE!

Blessings and love to all ❤  VK


Full Moon Eclipse….

Dear Friends,

Full Moon with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is Friday, January 10 at 12:21PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The eclipse is at its fullest point at 12:10 PM MST. This could be a time of agitation, restlessness and irritability, much of it around your own process and much of it around what you experience out there in the world. Those around you (including children and pets) could act out. Don’t take it personally and practice compassion and patience around situations that you cannot resolve, especially for someone else. This is a very potent time frame and supportive to evaluating your life from a place of neutrality and then launching an action plan from decisions and choices that come at this time. If you have not focused on your intentions for the year, knowing what you want and where you are going, this is the time to do it. If not now, when? (Intentions, Goals and Resolutions, online course is a great guide to setting intentions)

There is a lot of energy and a lot happening on the planet and in individual lives right now. 2020 has had a turbulent start. If you have been personally affected by this turbulence, hold it as the process of change and a much needed shake up. We don’t know where and how some things will end or begin, but we can make a difference in how we embrace and work with the potential that is always there in the quantum field. Staying grounded and clear in your own truth and being clear about how you wish to feel moving into your own future gives the quantum field something to organize and bring into manifestation. There is a reset needed, both personally and on the planet and this is the best time frame (this year) to focus on what that is. Prayer, compassion, and sending protection, love and hope to those areas and beings that are suffering is part of our service at this time. It is also very important to protect ourselves and keep our own containers at the highest level of integrity and light.


Time For Change….

I think for the most part people are fed up with Government and all of the games and negativity they continually spout.  As if life weren’t difficult enough without all of the disgusting drama they design to confuse people and drag them down into the lower frequencies of hate and fear. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am so DONE with all of it. I feel like I am being forced into isolation because I can’t seem to get away from it all. I can’t watch TV and listen to the propaganda, I can’t surf the usual news sites I always went to, I can’t talk to half the people I used to talk with.  I sat and wondered how in the world we got to this place. Sadly a great deal of the upheaval has been caused by our own Government and its sick agenda to gain control which is a sad state of affairs. All of the above has driven me into refuge far, far away from the distorted reality taking place and it sadly has kept me from blogging as well. What is there to talk about anymore?

All I can really convey to my readers is for them to please THINK for THEMSELVES and stop listening to the propaganda the media is cramming down people’s throats. In order to be on top of our game we must require truth so we can be aware of what is going on around us. That is hard to come by. That is why I say think for yourselves, listen to your gut! Put down your cellphones and pay attention to your life, pay attention to you!! Life is passing by very quickly and if we are not paying attention to it, we are missing out on so much. We only get one shot at this lifetime. We may get other lifetimes to explore and live out, but this life we are in right now is all we get this go round and yet we act as if there is no urgency to pay attention or try to make things right. If we fail to accomplish our goal of awakening and achieving higher consciousness, what will become of humanity?

Ignore the daily drama, don’t get sucked into the hate fest going on. Life is so much more meaningful when it is spent living from a compassionate heart and an open mind willing to explore beyond the proverbial box we live in. Embrace your courage to expand who you are and what you stand for. We are NOT the pathetic, hate filled people many have been pushed into being. We are SO MUCH MORE! Start loving yourselves, loving those around you and around the world. We are all one and the same if we could only realize that. Be peaceful, spread joy and help drown out the hate.

Blessings and love to all ❤





Cosmic Weather Report…

Soul Level Astrology  ® |
Cosmic  Weather Report for 2020:
The Great Winter Solstice Conjunction-
Testing the World with Radical Change
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
On December 21, 2020, at 1:21 pm eastern, the two largest planets of our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, meet in the  first  degree of Aquarius, forming what astrologers call a Great Conjunction. Jupiter rules the bright future. Saturn presides over lessons of the past. As they come together throughout the year we’re implored to make a quantum leap out of the shadow of the past to the bright future promise of our species.
by Autumn Sky

The Age of Aquarius is calling us to free ourselves from the tyrannical rule of the elite few over the many, and raise the immense power of the Awakening of the Masses.  This summons will intensify toward Winter Solstice, which, together with an eclipse that day  will be the peak moment of the year.

The Aquarian Age is a 2,173-year period. Here at the beginning, mass consciousness cannot awaken till it realizes how unawake it is,  which is the current, preliminary s tage of the awakening. The rise of fascism around the world dramatizes the dark disease of our species, which paradoxically contains its own cure. Like a homeopathic remedy, the antidote is contained in the sickness. Current outbreaks of false power can catalyze the deeper unity beneath the schism. The healing truth is that we’re  all in this together, riding this blue-green garden planet through the galaxy, and either we all make it to the bright future or none of us do.  By drawing the world’s  attention to the imbalance of power, the wrongness of our time can ironically catalyze something right.
Supporting this awakening is Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 and three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn: April 5, June 29, and November 12. It’s been 4,000 years since Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn were this close in Capricorn, heralding a drastic change in world civilization. The old world is crumbling beneath our feet, and we must envision something new to replace it with.
By Adam Scott Miller
As if the Great Conjunction and three Jupiter-Pluto pairings weren’t enough to get the message of radical change through to us, numerologically 2020 is a 4 Year, demanding radical change in  structure, foundation, and form. You’re being tested like crazy to see if the  basis  of the life you’re living  is the foundation for  the life you were born to live. The human race is getting its most radical test to change the underlying nature of our relationship to spirit and matter.
The way you think about yourself, about others, about the world you live in are being bombarded with the mandate to Change down to the bone. This mandate will only increase as we head toward Winter Solstice.  To gain the perfect vision of 20/20 that this year is offering, our species is getting pushed through the most Radical Change anyone has seen on earth.
Sun Sign Snapshots for 2020
Aries  Launch your greater path by listening to the transformative value of your own words. The things you say to others carry a hidden message from your soul to your personality. Decode it to find the way to true power, which you can tell from false power because false power only wants to take and true power just wants to give.
Taurus Love is not counter to your plans but  essential to them. While you’re busy factoring in complex  changes of your  personal and professional life, do n’t forget  to factor in the greatest power of all: the love that’s been sleeping in your heart of hearts, wanting to come out, come out, wherever you are.
Gemini Teamwork provides power for you this year, and will produce creative breakthroughs once you get out of your own way. Your stage is the universe. Your fellow players are everyone on earth, and your play is the Coming of Freedom.
Cancer Someone close to you is trying to tell you you’re much stronger and more magical than you think. Beneath your prodigious mind-power is the universal knowing you brought here from other lives, which is knocking on your door with the Hey-Jude message of Let it out and let it in.
Leo Let go of clinging to surface tales and sink into the deeper story of your soul, where a creative force is rising from the karmic theatre drama: The Death of What Never Worked Right in the First Place.
Virgo The world you inherited is falling apart because it wasn’t based on the outrageous truth of your soul that’s rising like Persephone from the hells you used to inhabit, to stun  you with how magical you are and how the whole universe is begging you to be true to yourself.
Libra Each time you  thought you got to the bottom you were only halfway there. It’s not enough to dazzle the world, until you dig down into  the blue-white core of what you’re made of, ignite creative fire, and live your life by its glow.
Scorpio You’re being tested to master the evolutionary power of increasing your desire while decreasing the attachment to what you think you need. When you can do both simultaneously you’ll switch on the stunning radiance packed into your soul and the world can see by it.
Sagittarius  The power to break free of everything holding you back  lies within your childhood passion. What was ultra-real once upon a time will prove to be the realest thing in the end, once you find the right way to go crazy and let go of the wrong way.
Capricorn You’re the one to lead the way this year, by combining your mischievousness with your magic, merging what you love with what you dream of, and claiming the power of deep wisdom sleeping in your cells. Don’t ever talk yourself out of what you love.
Aquarius  You have tons more intelligence and power than the world has ever known what to do with, but that was the old world that’s now dying. the new one being born needs you even more than you need it. Simple truths are the best way through.
Pisces Your path through 2020 will be found by listening. Lay your ear to the ground to synchronize with the heartbeat of the world, which is pouring the power of unconditional love into your soul and sinews, and lifting numb parts of you back into feeling.