Hey everyone….I just wanted to let you know after looking over 400+ emails in my inbox  from the past month of not being online, I just don’t have it in me to go back to the beginning and comment on every post I missed while I was gone. I am so sorry, but everyday more posts come into my mailbox and there is no way I can keep up with it all. So….I am going to start commenting again from this day forward and I’m sorry to have not been able to comment on your past posts….I hope you understand….Blessings…

VisionKeeper ❤


I have been reading a David Baldacci novel today and it made me stop and think, coalesce my thoughts in search of a better understanding of what I was feeling. While I usually enjoy reading courtroom dramas, I am finding it more difficult to read them now because they emphasize some disturbing yet basic facts I didn’t much think about before. These facts are hard for me to accept any longer and thankfully the world is slowly creeping along in a new direction.

I’m talking about how our court systems and Government systems are horribly corrupt. Both institutions are based on “trying to beat the system”, looking for ways, no matter how unsavory, to push the boundaries until they can acquire the results they are after. How insane is this when you stop to really consider it.? We kowtow to corrupt politicians and Judicial scholars, we live by THEIR rules, accept the fact that many of them have no proper morals and principals, and allow them to continue to play their game of “winning” at all costs to gain access to power and satisfy their greed. Do most people even think about the messages they are sending out to our children through their reckless actions? We are teaching our children to believe that lies and corruption are okay, it’s how one gets ahead in life despite the many backs they will tread upon to achieve their goals. It feels like lying, cheating and stealing have permeated every facet of our lives and sadly our belief systems.

As much as I abhor living within this universal mindset of dishonesty, I am also pleased we have gotten to this point. We obviously had to be shown and sadly saturated with this grotesque detour humanity has taken, away from the goodness we are capable of being. I hope we are beginning to see and understand how misguided we have become. There is always hope for change!  I don’t believe I am the only person who longs to live in an honest, loving, caring, and giving world. I believe a great deal of today’s unrest has seeped out of people sensing but maybe not fully knowing or understanding, that life is out of balance, we are not on the path we are meant to be on, far too many have forgotten morals and principals, have fallen into taking rather than giving, running away from rather than reaching out to. They think only of what is good for them not what is good for the whole of us. Is this truly who we wish to become?

This past month has been very difficult at times not having a computer, yet it also gave me great insight. With no computer to distract myself I was forced to see a different perspective on life, priorities shifted, I became more re-connected with me! I can see clearly that if we are not connected deeply with ourselves, how can we know who we are or what we stand for and if we don’t know these things how can we establish strong morals to live by, the very glue that holds society together? We are adrift and we need to find our way back again. I can see where technology has  played a huge part in creating this separation we have from self through distraction. It takes up our time and devours our attention and we don’t even realize how dependent we have become. We are building our strengths outside of ourselves, not within!

The sheer ugliness of this time we are facing right now is actually a shiny mirror for us to look at ourselves to see where we are failing  and more importantly where we are meant to be going to succeed. It is up to each of us to take hold of life again and re-connect with the true reasons of why we are here. To make ourselves and the world the best we can. It all begins with opening our hearts and reaching out to one another.

Blessing and love to all…