Overcoming Evil….

I was reading a book today and in it was a quote that jumped out at me. Short and to the point. It said “The only way to fight evil is with joy!” That is exactly what our mission here is at this critical crossroads in time. We must create a reality for ourselves in which we can bathe in the healing that  joy brings to all life.  It is time to realize nobody else but  we ourselves can  make our realities joyful. By extricating ourselves from the drone of propaganda everyday being crammed into our brains by the media and social media platforms, we free ourselves to once again think for ourselves and risk seeing new perspectives about what is taking place today.

Find or make time for yourself to do something that brings you joy and raises your frequency into the positive range. If we allow ourselves to fall victim to the lies and buy into the fear mongering, we risk falling off our path and into dangerous detours. These moments in time are demanding we pay attention and listen to ourselves, not what other people are telling us. Make it a point to set aside time for yourself and with your family. We are losing touch with the importance of family in our day to day drive to become someone we think we should be in order to matter to others. NO! It’s all about how much you matter to you! That is where joy can be found, by ceasing to follow the commands and setting out on a journey to wholeness by reconnecting with our souls.

Do fun things, be happy, give to others, help others, be inspiring. These are the ideals, the foundation to being happy by making our reality happy. If more of the world were happy how much better off we would be. Break free of the fear trap that is being set to capture you. Fly free like the swallow and rejoice in the wind beneath your wings!

Blessings and love  ❤