Turbulent Seas….

Well, I’m not sure where to begin with this post except to say I find these times very challenging indeed. Just what am I supposed to feel about everything going on? I am definitely torn in two directions, one foot is in the new paradigm, the other is still stuck in the old, fear gnawing at my ankles. Intellectually I understand what is going on but emotionally I am twisted inside. The herding animal instincts in me are yelling at me to get in line and follow, the free spirit in me says stay clear of that trap. I try to remain strong and walk my own path but at times it is very lonely and barren.

These times of chaos and fear drummed up to control us are also times of teaching. There is so much for us to learn for we have been sleeping for so long and have lost track of where we were going. We are like a billion little boats tossing wildly in the ocean without rudders, unable to go where we are supposed to go. The days of being alone will drive us to look within because we are quickly losing our distractions. Food supplies are limited so we can’t eat it away, it won’t be wise to get library books any longer if sick people are reading them and sneezing all over them, so forget getting lost in a book. There will be no more going out shopping and meeting with neighbors, no more visiting, just endless days alone to contemplate what is happening.

These are times we must embolden our courage to face the darkness we have become so adept at avoiding. These are the times going without shows you loudly what you were dependent on and didn’t even know it, because you can’t have it anymore. These are the times we have to get creative and make do with what we have. These are the times that test us, push us and teach us if we are willing to learn. Let us take all of our fears and turn them into a challenge for ourselves to overcome. Challenge encourages us to tap into courage and that side of us that says “I can do this! I will do this!”. Stay strong, listen to your self talk and silence the voice that tells you can’t. Humanity has been handed it’s final exam and it is now time to show what we have learned. The answers are not in books but within each of us, how much are we willing to grow and learn and become more than what we have been.

The choice is ours, the time is now, the outcome is critical to our next stage in life. Break free and think for yourselves again and make sure humanity passes this exam.

Blessings to all,