There Is Always Good Within The Bad…

Well, I imagine most everyone is on self quarantine right now. It is quite an interesting predicament we find ourselves in.  It can be scary if you allow yourself to get swept up in the mass hysteria, so steer clear. The world needed this break from our constant distractions so we can go within and sort through our priorities. For many people they have not had to face this much time undistracted. It can be uncomfortable if we have not faced our own truths lately. There is little way of avoiding them now. Be kind to yourselves and summon up the courage to look within and heal. The world needs us to do this. Stay well everybody, stay inside for the good of everybody and just know that in every bit of bad that comes our way there is much good as well if we look for it. I just wanted to say I’m thinking of everybody and I know we will get through this mess and the light will be shining down upon us all in good time. Stay well!

Blessings and love….