It’s early morning as I write this post. I can hear the furnace kicking in. It’s cold out this morning and colder still tomorrow. One day 56 degrees the next day 36., one day finally a neon spring green everywhere, the next day white again. Up and down the roller coaster goes tilting sharply around the corners. Life is forever changing and the best thing we can do is learn how to embrace the changes and sail gently along for the ride.

My house is very still and has been for days now. I gave up television a long time ago as it only brought me angst and unrest. It used to be turned on as back ground noise to break the silence, but I can’t bear to hear the hyped up, dramatic voices of the news anchors hoping to capture innocent people by the fear they are promoting. This world seems so backwards to me. Television should be promoting support and caring and positive messages, but that is not the world we live in.

My cats creep about the house quietly on their little cat feet as my laptop is playing quiet, soft music  offering calm to an otherwise chaotic world.  Outside the wind is battering the windows, whining kind of like a kazoo as the temperatures plunge with the front moving in. Yet another day of self quarantine.  I search through my refrigerator to see what I can cook that will stretch for a few days relieving me of KP duty. I see I still have eggs so I settle on making a quiche that I can have with a salad while the fresh veggies last. I find myself taking note of everything more closely now, staying aware to conserve and make things last.

It is time to take stock of everything in life now, that is what this quiet is all about. The usual distractions now gone have forced me to find new ways to entertain myself, new meals to cook to have more leftovers, finding old books buried on my office shelves that I can read now that my library books are finished. Re-evaluation of life! Yes I must find something new to do today and probably for many more days to come, but I choose to do that happily by accepting the challenge wholeheartedly.  These moments of stillness have a way of inviting us to  reinvent ourselves and this is a good thing. It is kind of like feeling your foot that has fallen asleep coming back to life and tingling.

Despite all of the hyped up fear, I choose to make the most of this experience. It’s a first with the entire world on self quarantine. There are obvious lessons to be learned from this moment in time. It was given to us for a reason. It’s up to us to find that reason and make the most of it.

Blessings and love to all ❤