New Moon Ahead…




Dear Friends,

New Moon in Aries is Tuesday, March 24, at 3:28AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon can be honored on Monday night as it is so close to midnight. There may be a tendency towards meanness, short tempers, judgment, self-centeredness, feeling victimized, blame and criticism. Lets not go there. Instead use this potent fiery energy to start something new as we are still in the influence of the Equinox energy. It is important to reflect on what motivates your intentions and actions and revise them if they are not coming from a genuine place of the heart. Any decision made from fear is not as useful as a decision or choice made from inspiration and excitement. Surround yourself with beauty today, be positive, get some exercise, and stay in love with your life, each other and the world.

Blessings, Lena



Just a quick post as I am really exhausted by everything going on. I had a traumatic experience yesterday that threw me for a loop. I am still playing it through my head trying to figure out the lesson involved. Quite a while ago I had placed an order from for extra cat food to make it through this quarantine stretch we find ourselves in. I felt good and hopefully ready for what was to come. The long and the short of this story is $ 85.00 dollars worth of cat food was stolen from in front of my mail box because the Fedex guy just threw the package down and drove off. I am not sure what planet he lives on. People are fighting one another to get food and he leaves  it on the side of a country dirt road for the taking. Boy I had a few choice words for him.

I sadly soon realized that when I was putting in that order I was being hacked and so now my credit was compromised and I had to cancel it. PANIC! No food for my cats and no way to order more on line now with no credit card. Did I mention all our store shelves are bare so no hope there. Thank God for blogging and the wonderful people you meet there. I want to send out much gratitude and love to AmyRose who graciously used her card to order more food and have it sent to me and I will pay her back. She saved my life and my cats lives. Thank you Amy and may other people grab hold of opportunities to reach out and help others who need you right now. We are ALL in this together and that is one lesson we need to learn!

I’m not certain the lesson in this for me? I am thinking  it may be to learn how to TRUST more that everything will work out in the end and trusting in life in general. I am not good at trust, I’ve been burned too many times in life, but shutting myself off won’t be good either. So trust more! That must be my lesson. Thanks again to Amy for sailing her boat by to help me out of the water so to speak. Not all of humanity is bad. Stay safe everyone and stay well….

Visionkeeper ❤