The Chewy Box…Pt 2

I just wanted to update you on the sage of the disappearing Chewy Box.  I live near the top of a mountain. The driveway into my house (a long one) also goes past my house on up to two other homes. The family that lives off the grid at the very top (a mile up past me)  use four wheelers in the spring and snow mobiles in winter to get up to their house. They leave their cars out at the road unless it is summer.

My neighbor called me yesterday to tell me when they came home the other night it was raining and my Chewy box was getting wet where the plastic bag had blown off so they put it in their car for safe keeping and because of the quarantine and not going out to work, they forgot about it! So now between that box of food and the stuff sweet, wonderful Amy ordered for me, my cats won’t be going hungry anytime soon.

My lesson to be learned from this fiasco is to trust the universe that everything will be okay regardless of how it turns out. These moments of trials and tribulations are there for us to learn from and grow from. Without these set backs, we would never experience the raw power of challenge. So thank you to the universe, thank you to Amy for taking care of my needs and to my neighbors for saving my box from the elements. May you all stay safe and stay sane and have the courage to expand your comfort zone so you can embrace a new set of perspectives needed for this new world emerging before our very eyes. Living outside the proverbial box is a real hoot! Enjoy!  By the way, that is not my cat in the picture….

Blessings and prayers ❤