New Directions…

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It’s been quite a while since this quarantine began. It’s amazing to see how one must  reinvent a great deal these days which is a wonderful thing. I have been into alternative medicine for many years and have pretty much my own way of healing myself without Big Pharma minus a major emergency! I have quite a few essential oils  that I have dabbled with over the years but this has now become a way of life for me during this time. I dragged out a few oils I knew were powerful anti viral oils and found I had a great many more in the box so I dragged them all out. I then went on a site explaining all the oils and their uses. What a wealth of information!

I wrote out a list of all the ones to boost immunity, anti viral etc. and then put the others into categories like stress, anxiety, confidence etc.  I have been trying different ones out and noting their results. It’s been interesting.  I have full trust and belief in the power of essential oils. They seemed like a good way of staying on top of things. I would never probably have gotten into all of this so deeply if not for this virus scampering about. There is always good within the bad. Open up and be receptive to it.

Stay well everyone and lots of caring to you….