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Complete stillness spills down my  hallways and into every room in my house. It has been two weeks of quarantine now and how much more to go? Joining the stillness I stand silently and listen. I can hear the soft snoring of my cat curled up in her basket that perches next to the radiator. If I were to pet her, her fur would be warm to the touch. She is content in her cat world with no knowledge of what is going on. She sends me messages without even knowing it. She tells me to know less, sleep more and be happy. Can’t argue with that. I am grateful for her presence in my life, something else alive and moving about, stirring the air.

What shall I do with myself today? The library books have all been read, I find the sound of television abrasive to my sensibility, so I guess that leaves my laptop and the quiet music I can make it play while I unleash my thoughts tapping on the keyboard. I am glad for the release from within. And so week two begins. I need to kick start my creativity again and reinvent myself and my day ahead. I think I shall begin that by cooking in the kitchen.

Stay strong and stay well everyone….

Blessings from my house to yours with love ❤