Trusting What Is…..

pexels-photo-110874Rain trickles down my skylight glass

Like tears against a moistened cheek.

One perspective would have them tears of sorrow

another perspective would have them be tears of joy.

Major disruptions like a global pandemic

often create pain and suffering causing stressful tears to fall.

Those same disruptions can also unleash major change

opening wide once closed eyes, minds and hearts,

causing joyful tears to flow..

Much like a storm sweeping through brings fresh air

and coolness to humid air that hangs heavy and close,

a major disruption brings new awareness once hidden

and with it a new and better way of being in this world.

When the storm has passed and we are able to be still

and remember all we have endured,

we will see the change that sweeps over us

and all will be as it should be,

forever moving forward towards the light.

Thinking of you all ❤