Open Sesame….

I truly believe that this quarantine has begun to open people’s hearts. I know I feel a profound appreciation for all the people working hard to keep the country running while we are all safe at home waiting out this storm.  While many people are hunkered down at home trying to stay safe, many others are working long hours to keep store shelves stocked, trucks running non-stop delivering their goods to these stores, Pharmacies still making sure people have the medical supplies they need. They are not safe at home, they are working to keep us all going!

I know I feel a deep appreciation for their sacrifices and I’m sure I am not alone in what I feel. It has shown me how shut off from ourselves and each other we have become. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to to remind us all of our ability to appreciate life as it swirls around us. Why can we not feel these strong emotions everyday? Somehow we get caught up in “living our life” as it unfolds. We only see people working at their jobs, and we forget to appreciate them in normal times.

I’ve only been out to the store twice in the last 40 days of quarantine, but both times when I stopped to thank the people working I could feel my throat constrict and my eyes well up and my voice begin to crack. It’s because that appreciation was coming from my heart! I do not want this new found awareness to fade away once this virus has faded away. I want to treasure my appreciation and continue to thank people I encounter. In other words, I want my heart to remain open, I want to continue to be free to feel these feelings. My autopilot life had set these emotions aside on some dark shelf in the far reaches of my being. Not because I am not a caring person, but because I allowed living life to get in  the way. The more I thank people and hopefully lift them up, the easier it becomes. The trick now will be in remaining open long after the world has healed.

I know I am not alone in what I am feeling. I urge everyone to open up their hearts. This is the true reason we are experiencing this virus disaster. It is teaching us to open up our hearts that have been closed for so long now. It is time to embrace life every day at every moment because it is an expression of who we are and we are goodness at the core. I will have to work hard to not close back up once the danger has passed. Humanity has been given the prefect storm in which to grow and expand our consciousness. Enjoy this moment. There is always good waiting patiently to be discovered in the depths of the darkness.

Stay well, stay at peace in your hearts and believe in who you are.

Blessings and love to all ❤


Questions Delivered….

I am sure for many, this quarantine has been quite disruptive to their routines of life and that can be very unsettling. We are so accustomed to floating through life without questioning, but now we are confronted by ourselves and others with no escape to avoid these encounters, the distractions and illusions have been shattered.

So what has happened to us all because of this shelter in place order we must honor to avoid getting this Corona Virus? As Deepak Chopra wrote in a book once “One day you are where you belong, the next day you can’t go back”. This sums up the reality of what this Virus has inflicted upon the world. The illusions we have lived under for so long are falling away and we are left wondering about our lives and where we are going next, who should we become?

If nothing else happens during this unprecedented time of upheaval, ask yourself one question and use this quiet time at home to find an answer. “What are you willing to make of your life once the virus has passed on and the fear has subsided?” This is the gift being offered to each and every soul, the chance to rethink our existence and make adjustments accordingly. We know who we were before, who do we wish to become in the future? What will life become for all of us without the illusion?

Rest quietly and think deeply….

Much love to all ❤  Visionkeeper










So what has this pandemic brought to our attention, if in fact it did? Of course it will be different for everybody as we are all at different stages of consciousness and that dictates how we are in our world. Have our minds awakened a wee bit so that we can see reality through clear eyes instead of eyes clouded over with bias and anger and hate? Unfortunately social media allows the ugliness to continue but isn’t that showing us something as well? There are many who will NOT awaken from their present stations in life, not this lifetime anyway,  but many will and we must support those minds that have begun to question and encourage them to stay open. Once one reaches a certain point of openness, there is no going back to what was. I think that is what scares people, but there is no reason to fear awakening our minds to new perspectives. If humanity  is to grow and expand into its next way of being, we must be brave enough to let go of our old ways and build TRUST in what comes next.

I think the biggest hurdle we must overcome is finally allowing ourselves to see how we have been lied to forever now and to understand it is up to US to straighten this mess out we find ourselves in. No more waiting for Big Government to FIX everything. Quite often it is they who created the problem in the first place, but we have refused to open our eyes and see the truth in that. It is frightening because it forces us to realize we must count on ourselves more and stop waiting for somebody else to help us out.  This is the true meaning of that often used quote about “We are who we have been waiting for”.  In a way this virus has driven us apart in hopes of slowing down and one day ending the great divide we have thrown ourselves into. EVERYONE is fighting the dangers of this virus around the entire world showing us that yes, we are all connected and what happens to me also happens to you. Sadly it took a pandemic to show us who we were becoming and we were not becoming the best of who we can be.

I would imagine weeks more of this confinement will push some people over the edge, but do not be one of those people. Use the discomfort and fear and angst to rise up and find new ways to be and change what needs changing within. Humanity has been gifted with the opportunity to evolve and move forward, it is only old ways of thinking that are holding us back from climbing to the next level of humanness. We are being shown quite boldly everything that is broken in our system and what we must learn is not to sit and wait for politicians to fix it by more laws and regulations, but WE must fix it by speaking out and demanding better, finding our voices and our courage and using them to make our desires known. If we are not heard we must MAKE ourselves heard.  Use these long and endless days of staying at home to expand your thinking. We are resourceful beings with deep integrity and compassion if we allow ourselves to feel these emotions. Do! It means you are waking up out of your trance and coming back to life! Enjoy the journey, do not fear it or run from it, become one with it and GROW.

Blessings and much love ❤