To My Followers….


Hey there Everybody,

I Just wanted to let you all know that I am removing my posts from Twitter. I cannot and will not participate in the blatant abuse of censorship they engage in. While I truly like my Twitter followers, I must ask you to go directly to my blog if you wish to continue reading my thoughts that I offer.  I will not give Twitter any of my time or effort. I hope you will continue to read my posts on my blog once I depart Twitter. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.  Thank you to all…..VK ❤

9 thoughts on “To My Followers….

  1. Hi VK! There were two social media platforms that I used to ‘use’ years ago; Facebook and Twitter, and out of the two of them I preferred the latter. That said, I haven’t missed either since I closed both accounts but every day something seems to crop up to keep them in my attention. I won’t go back to them now. They seem to have a major problem maintaining a sensible balance of either going in too strong or not acting at all… I’m sure the other platforms will operate along similar lines also, but I’m not really bothered if they do or don’t. Blogging is fine for me, and I’ve recently started using Wattpad, although I’m still a bit puzzled by things over there at present. In time it will be well.
    Welcome to LASM (life after social media) if there really is any such thing!
    Have a great Friday, VK.

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    • I hear ya TL….Social Media has become the new political weapon and it is utterly disgraceful on so many fronts. Wow! First they got everybody nicely addicted to it then they began using it to their advantage against us! NO! I refuse to be a part of any of it. I never went on Twitter like people do, I was just connected through WP so I could get more eyes on my blog. Not worth it anymore. It seems everyday I withdraw from this reality more and more just to survive. This world is NOT my reality that’s for sure. Anyway, glad to have that all behind me. You too…we’re free, well sort of…..Thanks TL…VK 🙂

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  2. Hi VK… Yes censorship is rife.. especially on some topical truths.. I never did subscribe there or FB…
    We are seeing freedom of speech eroding before our eyes.. As the programmes are well underway.. ❤

    Sending Love.. Had a beautiful garden day… Hope yours is flourishing also. ❤
    Love from us both ❤

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    • I never went on Twitter per say, just had my posts on there to get followers. Twitter does nothing for me except give me high blood pressure lol….I’m having too much fun with the outside world to think about the absurdities of social media….Waste of time and brain cells needed for more important thinking, like staying on top of the REAL truth….Glad your garden is bringing you joy. I bet it is thriving this year with so much tending 🙂 Take care and hugs to you guys along with much love…VK ❤

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