Cosmic Weather Report…..

Cosmic  Weather Report July 2020
Saturn in Capricorn,
No Plan B for Planet Earth
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
On July 1 Saturn enters Capricorn for the final five months of its 3-year passage through that sign, summoning us to turn around the main karma of our species: The elite few controlling the many.

Whoever controls the dominant narrative controls the masses, and there’s a worldwide war now to control the narrative. Even people who don’t read newspapers or follow Facebook are not immune, because world opinion all around them is already being controlled in regards to health and medicine especially during this pandemic, politics, education, freedom and justice.
by Pati Makowska
In the US, both political parties have become tools for demagogues and billionaires. Until a person learns to see through the lies of the Left as well as the lies of the Right, they’re being manipulated. Until the truth of Democrats and Republicans is separated from their lies, false polarization is the name of the game that keeps people controlled in a state of fear and distortion.
In the 1960’s the War in Southeast Asia was so horrendous it galvanized revolutionary activism not only against its horrors, but against the repression of blacks, women, gays and poor. None of those movements would’ve had common ground until we adolescents and teenagers used to gather at anti-War rallies and bump into smaller rallies with literature tables on the same grounds.

In our time there’s a much bigger War, the War on Truth, waged around the world to make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and everyone else sandwiched between. Social media is becoming more and more censored, especially regarding health, medicine and pharmaceuticals. Anyone posting stories and ideas that counter the dominant narrative is likely to end up in Facebook Jail.

by Mark Henson

During such highly polarized times the only solution is to learn to think for yourself, see beyond popular opinion, tear down the walls that keep people from recognizing our kinship under the skin. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water, and if that air and water become toxic there is no Plan B for Planet Earth. Every billionaire and pauper, Democrat and Republican, Baptist, Socialist, Christian and Jew, Gay and Straight, is in this together. Either no one makes it to the bright future promise of our species, or we all do.

The next five months, Saturn in Capricorn is rallying you to wake up and claim the power of truth, love and freedom to think for yourself.

Who Are You Really?  Why are you here?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

8 thoughts on “Cosmic Weather Report…..

  1. I watched an interesting exchange of thoughts today on the narrative, and how those ripples are now reverberating… I feel those who set all in motion are going to be surprised, because in the end it will be their undoing… I spent the morning in bed today…. As I just felt the energies swamp me today…. I became exhausted… Then I had a kind of Epiphany of sorts .. When I woke… I just knew no matter how rough.. I had to become stronger and more warrior like… 🙂

    Thank you VK… sending love and hugs your way.. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! I had a day just like that a few days ago. The weight of energy was so intense and I felt so depleted that I crawled into bed and slept and read…I didn’t even want to eat. The next day all was fine again. Adapting I guess. Epiphany’s are always exciting and invigorating! I think we were collecting extra energy to store for our warrior journey….Stay strong and at peace within my friend…Hugs and love…VK ❤

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      • Yes I didn’t eat until evening meal… And now its 11:30 pm and wide awake… and more energy… 🙂 I think it is affecting many of us.. Even Hubby had a weird head two days ago and went to lay down for an hour… The Schumann was way off the charts too according to my daughter… So yes stay strong… and ride the waves.. ❤ Much love back ❤

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  2. Sigh. Everything has to be such a struggle, VK, doesn’t it?
    It’s almost impossible to just be, without getting dragged into the manipulation and lies that swirl around us.
    Maybe the failure of Plan A is Plan B. At least then we would all be in it together.
    Bit of a gloomy comment today, VK. I shall have to do something to bring in more light, methinks…

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    • It’s so hard to keep the light shining brightly….The darkness is so very heavy but onward we must go in hopes of reaching the end of this dark tunnel sooner or later…I agree, I think plan B is the reconstruction of our world after it crashes and burns. Awful thought but we seem to be headed in that direction. Hang in there TL….VK 🙂

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