The Weapon Of Fear….

I have kept myself pretty isolated lately, I have no desire to be verbally attacked because I have different opinions on current matters. I don’t wish to have fear shoved down my throat 24/7, I wish to enjoy my summertime freedom to be outside and feel accepted unconditionally by the natural world, no runaway egos, no anger, no judgement, no mind manipulation. I made myself sit and watch television the other day( GROAN ) so I could observe the messages being sent out to vulnerable minds. It is truly stunning to see. Once you are awake you can’t help but see the truth of what is going on, it glares back at you in the face and you can’t help but sit there and ask yourself, “why haven’t I noticed this before now?”  Most people have noticed on some level, but they choose to let it go and remain distracted to avoid the horror reality is mirroring back at us.

Many are staying oblivious to what is taking place because the process is very subtle and unless you are really looking for it, it goes unnoticed, until you do notice and then nothing will ever be the same again. That is what scares people most I think, but they can handle it just as they are handling what is happening right now and we all know the world is never going to be the same when all of this insanity is over. How we live our daily lives has altered dramatically yet we manage to stay upright and go forward. We need to realize our strengths and find the courage to open up to the truths being laid before us and not run away.

As I sat and watched the sad performance being displayed on my television screen I understood fully why I stay far away from the lies and distortions permeating the world right now. Nearly every advertisement these days has people wearing face masks, people social distancing, messages to stay safe, people living new lives because of the dangers of the virus. Do you not see the reasoning behind all of this? We all have been told over and over again by reputable doctors that face masks DO NOT save you from contracting the virus unless you wear a mask that seals to your face and yet the masks are pushed and prodded on the public. Why? They promote fear, they are there to remind you of the fear,  they are being used to keep the virus of fear going at all costs, they are training you to do as you are told, they are used for control.

The only reason most people wear a mask is because it makes them feel protected and safe, but they’re not. But the fear has been pushed up to such a level now, many are willing to believe they are safe and not question anything, just so they can get by and not fall apart. The masks most likely will not save your life, but knowing and understanding the truth will, yet many refuse to acknowledge it.  Until people realize that the main stream media is lying to them every time they open their mouths, I guess the unnecessary fear will continue to dominate people’s minds. People blatantly believe the numbers and polls they are told all the time yet they never stop and ask themselves if what those numbers and polls are saying is the truth, is the news station telling them these numbers and polls telling the truth?  Sooner or later and I hope it is sooner, people will catch on and begin to see what is being done to them on a grand scale. Society is not being hoodwinked, they are being hood choked! Go OUTSIDE and enjoy your summer and leave the drama behind….

Blessings and love to all ❤


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