Keep Your Energy High…..

Wow! These times are mind altering to say the least. The world is upside down and inside out, reality has gone on vacation and frustration is growing in intensity. As time marches on it feels as if the insanity grows and nothing seems to make sense anymore. I can’t help but feel we are being asked at this time to do what we came here to do, to keep the planet in balance because it is wobbling frantically right now. Our positive energy is drastically needed to level the playing field we are all staggering over in our efforts to find some sanity. That sanity must come from US! The war we are watching be waged at this time is a war for our minds. We need to stay aware of all the pitfalls lying before us, we need to sharpen our awareness of our surroundings.

All of the antics people are sadly watching on their televisions are designed to bring down your energy to lower levels where anger and fear and blame reside. There are a great many people still asleep to the truth and have been sucked into this low energy frequency and all the negativity it brings with it. So much of humanity sadly seems to be stuck at level 100! According to David R. Hawkins M.D. ph.D. in his book Power vs Force, humanity ranges from 20 being the lowest all the way to 700-1000 being enlightenment. Coexisting at level 100 is not very encouraging. I had hoped we would be further along by now, but it is what it is. Level 100  is Frightening, Fear, Anxiety, Withdrawal. That seems to sum up the space many find themselves in at this time what with Covid19, riots, violence, death, a distorted reality and obvious uncertainty. We who are awake are needed to hold a higher level of consciousness to help balance out what is taking place.

Stay clear of the propaganda saturating people’s minds. Stay clear of the endless fear mongering! Do not allow yourself to be swept up in hopelessness and depression. Get outside into nature as much as you can and let nature re-energize you and bring you some much needed calm. Eat well and keep your health up. Turn off the television and don’t linger on social media. It will bring you down rather than building you up. Stay connected to like minded people as best you can. Go to bed early and sleep deeply. Drink lots of water and stay on top of your vitamins. In other words, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself. Keep an open mind and heart and steer clear of any judgment. It’s not easy maintaining ourselves  in a positive light when all around us is darkness. But we must prevail. Stay strong, know you are not alone and reach out to others that they too might awaken and join our force.

Blessings and love to all ❤



5 thoughts on “Keep Your Energy High…..

  1. Thank you VK… indeed the energies are meant to drag our spirits down…But you know what dear VK… What they didn’t count upon is our Human Spirit… And when we get knocked down we get right back up again..
    Sending Love and warm well wishes your way ❤ Love and Hugs ❤

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    • Right you are DW….Good to see you 🙂 I’ll shoot you an email soon. I have been non communicative lately as I can barely process the insanity going on over here. I know you are seeing bad stuff as well. There are so many major cities in flames and ruin here it’s beyond belief. I so want all of this to stop. Can’t take much more of this and its just going to get worse up until the November election. Such is life. We just do what we gotta do….Hang tough….Hugs and love and all my thoughts to you….Hi to hubby….Love….VK ❤
      P.S. why are our hearts without color? Been that way for a while now…. 😦

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      • I know another ploy perhaps of deflation. I see some blogs are black when we write our heart code ourselves while others are red. I’ve started using my computer emojis etc.
        Likewise I’ve retreated into my think bubble for a time, I’m about to immerge soon.
        Hang in there too. 💕🙏💕

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