Be aware and stay awake!

It’s been really hot and humid lately adding to the misery of everything we are enduring with political madness, the Covid virus, staying home, closing schools down, canceling sports etc. Next they will be cancelling breathing! It has reached a fevered pitch of insanity and it is depressing beyond belief to be stuck in this nonsense. I thought a lot about it this morning and I had an observation I wanted to share. I don’t know about anybody else, but it is so frustrating to watch people screaming and ranting and raving about propaganda they believe to be true. I can barely stand it anymore. If all the people screaming took that energy and placed it where it is truly needed, then the world could take a deep breath and move forward.

We are being beaten down by constant outrage over who did what, who is responsible, who is telling the truth, who is lying. It’s sickening to listen to but it is even more sickening to realize we the people are missing the whole point of where we are. Where are the people screaming to end “Politics as usual?” I hate to hear people say that. Oh it’s just Washington politics. Maybe it is but that is what we need to be voting on . Changing the system entirely, end the two party craziness that just breeds a deeper divide between the people. Why are we not crying out to stop the corruption that has hijacked this country and dragged it to a very dark place? Why do we settle pathetically for believing “It’s just politics?” No it is not! It is evil personified!

If people stopped allowing themselves to be brainwashed by television and social media and they began to think for themselves again, researched for the truth, maybe their perspective on the world could change, maybe the world could change! If people stopped accepting the evil lies as truths and opened their minds, we maybe could change the world or at least change how we govern in this country. That is where we need to place our energy to save ourselves. As long as the masses continue to believe everything they are told and go on voting for Politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths and lie boldfaced to the people, maybe, just maybe, we could free ourselves from the slavery we have lived under since the very beginning. This agenda to control the people and rule the world has been going on forever and it’s only picking up speed. It is dangerously critical we wake up and realize what we really have to do.

In order to make true change we must be willing to let go of our old story and have the  courage to create a new one. People’s fear keeps them clinging to the old corrupt system when in fact we are long overdue for a new one. Until people find the courage to let go and put their energy into creating a new system, we will remain stuck in this cesspool of corruption and our lives will continue to be snatched away from us piece by piece. It’s NOT about Republican vs Democrat, it is about sweeping out the corridors of Washington and bringing NEW and fresh, young blood in to create a new and better way of governing our great country. The old politicians need to retire and give someone else a chance to make a difference. I won’t see it in my lifetime unfortunately, but I hope I can at least witness people trying to wake up and speak out for change.

Blessings to all,



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