New Moon Time….

New Moon in Leo is Tuesday, August 18 at 8:41PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

We feel motivated under this New Moon but need to be aware of the tendency for drama, aggression, and acting out. There is an aspect in all of us that wants to be seen, to get on with our life task work, and to do what we came here to do. We are impatient to act, to manifest and to see results.

It is a tall order to use this energy well; to put forth what we want and to claim our dreams without acting or overreacting in negative ways. The frustration of being on hold for the last number of months could rise to the surface, bypassing what is rational, and impatience can quickly turn to martyrdom. Do not play the victim card.

Instead use this New Moon energy to reset whatever needs it, and to adjust your intentions to include the possibility of change, opportunity and new directions.

This is also a good window to work on any self esteem issues you may have about not being good enough, not being seen enough, not being lovable etc. Find that place in yourself that is enough.