Be Kind….

I went on TV this morning to see what the local weather had in store for my day and in my surfing channels to get there I zoomed by a news channel and had to back up and check it out. I was so disheartened by what I heard. Politicians threatening everyone if they don’t get their way. Really? Is this how low humanity has fallen? Hello? These people are supposed to be leaders and good examples for our children. The behavior of many politicians today is reprehensible not to mention embarrassing on every level. It is so beneath where we should be in this day and age. Miles and miles further along than we are. Our morals and objectives have been mutilated, ravaged and abandoned by so many. The language politicians are using now is demoralizing. It is offensive, it is thoughtless, it is driven by pure hatred and a sick need for power at all costs.

It is time we all bring strong values out into the light, to honor them, feel pride for them, practice them and become them. We cannot allow the evil hatred of a few to destroy the very fabric we wish to wrap ourselves in. A strong and vibrant society cannot function properly without strong values, kindness, honesty, respect and compassion. They are the bricks in our foundation, our ability to love and accept one another equally is the cement that should hold it all together. Right now at this chaotic time of divisiveness and hate, we are being offered the opportunity to save ourselves as a society and move away from it all at long last. The choice is ours to make. I just worry so many brainwashed minds have been led so far astray from the truth they cannot make an informed decision. I guess people should ask themselves what kind of life do they want to live. One with strong values and morals and compassion for one another, or one fueled by hatred, violence,threats, evil and lies? I have zero faith in the voting system to be honest, so the only thing I can depend on right now is how I live my own life and I choose strong values, honesty and compassion for one another.

I wish I could clearly describe and explain what happens to you when you stop listening to the media BS and start thinking for yourselves. Your whole life changes but you will never know if you don’t turn off your TV and try it. I challenge you!

Blessings and ❤ to all,