Are We Ready For A Full Moon?

Full Moon in Taurus is Saturday October 31, at 8:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a Blue Moon and the second one within the same month. This powerful moon sets the tone for November and brings cathartic support for releasing the past, stretching us to move beyond our limitations and freeing us from the emotional entrapments of regrets, disappointments, guilt and shame. It really is time to let go of any attachments you have to what was or should have been and to begin to dream of what can be. During this full moon time it is a good practice to think of things you would never dream you would or could do, have or experience and try them on for size. Use your imagination and be creative in your “what ifs?”.

This full moon is about freedom and expansion. However in order to get there, you must first be willing to let go of your resentments, your position, your need to be right and your attachment to suffering. You could have a radical release and shift in your life of something that has been stuck for a very long time. Although this is not a good time to make too rash or permanent a decision, any movement and action towards big change as well as thinking outside the box, will be beneficial and will move you in the right direction.

The goal for this full moon is to focus on how exciting these times are and what opportunities they bring for change and improvement of life. If you get stuck in an emotional whirlpool bring music, laughter, beauty and friendship into your environment to help launch you into a higher vibration. Dream big! Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!


Are You Prepared?

This post is primarily for my USA readers as we here in America are just days away from a critical election and we need to be prepared, at the same time it applies to all I believe. I don’t care if you are on the right or the left, it’s time for all of us to say NO to all of this ridiculous anger and rage being vented in such a backwards way, Are we not further along on our path to becoming more advanced humans? It sure doesn’t seem like it. If we are going to consider ourselves prepared for whatever the outcome, it is up to each of us to create calm in the world. It is very sad to watch the sick propaganda being thrust upon humanity right now as that propaganda is what is driving the violence and unrest. I truly do not believe we humans are so hate filled as we are seeing being displayed on the world’s stage. Deep within if we choose to look we will see goodness and caring and a desire for the well being for all. That is who we humans really are if all the propaganda is removed and people are allowed to think and see for themselves, the truth.

Society is acting like spoiled, out of control brats and it is most unbecoming. It not only looks bad, it is bad and we must keep an open mind to the consequences. We must not get ourselves so far into the hole we can’t get ourselves back out and that is what is close to becoming reality. It is time for America to grow up and act like adults who can be responsible and think clearly. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am sick to death of watching our country implode upon itself. There is no need for this. I can’t stop the sick media or social media from pumping out garbage in a desperate ploy to control the minds of the people. That is their agenda and they have way more power than I. All I can do is ask that people wake up and use their brains for a change. Things don’t need to be this way. If we wish to have peace and calm we must BE peace and calm and reject the push to be otherwise. Be prepared everyone. The battle is heating up and it is up to all of us not to be sucked into the chaos. Stay calm within and BE calm.

Blessings and love to all ❤


How To Begin…

I have been thinking all day about people waking up or staying asleep to the harsh reality unfolding before us. If they do awaken, how will they know where to even begin making the necessary changes to move forward into a new world, a new way of being? Explaining to people how to be nice or good are such generalizations. I can see where newcomers will need a more specific explanation. So what do you tell someone just emerging from a long and troubled sleep? How do you break it all down and make changing how you live life doable to everybody?

I think you offer two clear options to choose between. People always need to know they have a choice which gives them back control. So what is it they can do to begin changing their lives in a way that is doable to them? I believe the core issues that need to be offered should be the choices of being either a Giver or a Taker in life. Its is all about how you live your life. Do you wish to give to others or do you wish to take from others. In order to be a giver your heart has to be open and be able to feel compassion for others. To be a taker one desires to live a more self absorbed life that sees life as they personally want it to be rather than for the good of all.

In order to have an open heart one must recognize we are all one, that what we do to others we ultimately do to ourselves. That old saying “Do unto others as you have them do unto you” is so true. It is a clear guide to how we can live our lives. Be kind, be gentle, be caring, be giving, be loving and live honestly, live life how you want others around you to live life and treat you. Choose the aspects you wish to embrace and live your life by them. If you choose to be a taker that is your choice and your right but be honest with yourselves as to which world you choose to live in. The new world is for givers, this old world is for takers. It is time to awaken and decide which life you wish to embark on. Choose wisely.

Blessings and love to all,


Super New Moon…

Here we go again. Another new moon but this one is a super new moon so we best figure out our intentions for going forward. We need all the help we can get to get through these tough times.

Dear Friends,

A Super New Moon in Libra is Friday, October 16, at 1:31PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This New Moon is a marker for an extremely intense time frame that includes the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows in terms of emotional reactions, dealing with old karmic debris and revisiting the darkest of the dark nights of the soul. It is also a window of intense clarity, intuition and spiritual awakening and commitment. Anything can happen during this time and we all need to be prepared to be flexible, optimistic, and willing to change rapidly and efficiently to accommodate disruptions and other unexpected events. 

Collective dreams are influencing the future so anything you can do to embrace improvement and visualize a positive outcome will be beneficial and supportive. It is an excellent time for prayers as well as a crucial time to stay as much out of negative drama as possible. A New Moon is always a good time to reset and reevaluate what you are doing, where you are going and whom you are with. This energy can jumpstart worthwhile and meaningful projects as well as give you the much needed support to finally extricate yourself from a dysfunctional situation or one that is complete. Use your intuition, strive for balance, channel any irritation or anger into cleaning or weeding, and release any attachment to suffering that may still be clinging to you from the past.

And…. Keep going no matter what!


Cosmic Weather Forecast…

Cosmic Weather Report October 2020The Great Conjunction of 2020

Here we find more information on what lies ahead for us in these tumultuous times. Now is the time we so need to ground ourselves, rediscover ourselves and stand up for ourselves. May the truth guide you.

Cosmic Weather Report October 2020
The Great Conjunction of 2020                By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax   Putney Mountain,Vermont

Every 20 years the Past Meets the Future when Jupiter and Saturn land in the same degree, an event that occurs 10:21 am Eastern, Monday, December 21, 2020, about three hours before the moment of Winter Solstice.
The zodiac degree where these giants converge is 1°Aquarius, which sparks the next chapter of the Aquarian Age, designated for the  awakening of heart consciousness throughout the world.

by Autumn Skye

To pull off this awakening we need to overcome the shadow of our past by believing a dark history can still produce a bright future. 
Jupiter-Saturn is exposing the make-believe selves that have taken over the world, so we awaken to the truth we carry in our hearts that we’re made of love, we come from love, we’re going back to love, and we get to be our real selves in this lifetime, because nothing less will spring the bright future from the shadows of the past.

As we navigate the currents between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, allow the hard parts of the past to fall behind you, offering you the meaning of their lessons, so that you can turn toward the great awakening of our time that you have your own special say in. Awakening is a self-fulfilling prophecy: The more people who awaken, the more people are inclined to awaken.