We Need Trust…

I was sitting quietly yesterday watching the rain run down the window panes causing my view outside to ripple and fog over. It gave me pause to think about everything I have been watching ripple and fog over in the world around me lately. Nothing is clear. How and why have we gotten to where we are now? We have become masters at rippling and fogging over reality everyday. It’s exhausting to always have to try to pick apart what is being said to see if it is truth or propaganda. The lines have been blurred for so long now, nobody knows what is real anymore.

So what effect has this had on society as a whole? It has had a disastrous effect on society! People have been lied to for so long we have lost a very critical and important part to who we are. We have lost our trust. As was said in a very truthful quote,
“Love cannot live where there is no trust.”
― Edith Hamilton, Mythology

We wish to have peace in the world, we wish to all get along, but we cannot accomplish that mission without love in our hearts! We cannot feel love and hate at the same time. We either feel one or the other and it seems the world is being overwhelmed by hate at this moment in time. It is ugly, it is vengeful, it is hurtful but most of all it is damaging to who we are and who we wish to become. Life it feels like has become one massive conspiracy theory, part real and part lies.

It is WE who will move us forward out of this darkness, but we cannot do that unless there is movement. Sitting still and remaining silent is not an option. If we are to regain trust and our ability to love again, we must think for ourselves, seal off our minds from the 24/7 drone of lies from our tv sets and be willing to look closely at the truth! To find the truth we must be willing to research for it because it matters to us. To sit back with closed minds tainted by lies spewing hatred is such a sad commentary of where we are today. We have beliefs we clutch in our hearts and argue over but what if those beliefs are not true? Are you strong enough to admit it, to see it, to wipe away that rain drizzle and fog so you can finally see the real thing?

Trust cannot return until we are willing to admit to ourselves that what we think is true may not be true at all and yet we are fighting to make it so. The old, fitting the square peg into the round hole dilemma. We have been played for a very long time and it seems now is a good time to have the courage to shut off the lies and stand up for truth so that we can once again begin to trust one another, especially our leaders who have been criminally holding back the truth on so many things. We think we live in reality but nothing could be further from the truth. That should bother people if they are awake. They should be demanding the truth not going along just to get along. Now is the time to walk our talk, to live our own lives in honesty, loving one another and giving them our trust. The world needs our trust to survive but it must be earned. If each of us lives a truthful, honest, loving life then that energy will spread out to others so they can do the same. Let us be the ripples in the pond circling out to encompass the world.

Blessings and love to all ❤