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I have been thinking all day about people waking up or staying asleep to the harsh reality unfolding before us. If they do awaken, how will they know where to even begin making the necessary changes to move forward into a new world, a new way of being? Explaining to people how to be nice or good are such generalizations. I can see where newcomers will need a more specific explanation. So what do you tell someone just emerging from a long and troubled sleep? How do you break it all down and make changing how you live life doable to everybody?

I think you offer two clear options to choose between. People always need to know they have a choice which gives them back control. So what is it they can do to begin changing their lives in a way that is doable to them? I believe the core issues that need to be offered should be the choices of being either a Giver or a Taker in life. Its is all about how you live your life. Do you wish to give to others or do you wish to take from others. In order to be a giver your heart has to be open and be able to feel compassion for others. To be a taker one desires to live a more self absorbed life that sees life as they personally want it to be rather than for the good of all.

In order to have an open heart one must recognize we are all one, that what we do to others we ultimately do to ourselves. That old saying “Do unto others as you have them do unto you” is so true. It is a clear guide to how we can live our lives. Be kind, be gentle, be caring, be giving, be loving and live honestly, live life how you want others around you to live life and treat you. Choose the aspects you wish to embrace and live your life by them. If you choose to be a taker that is your choice and your right but be honest with yourselves as to which world you choose to live in. The new world is for givers, this old world is for takers. It is time to awaken and decide which life you wish to embark on. Choose wisely.

Blessings and love to all,


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  1. Thank you dear VK…. We cannot wake up those who are sleeping deep… Perhaps we are not meant to.. All I can offer is an explanation of what woke me up… And how I now view the world…
    And the duality of what we witness, both are needed also , for it had to, in order that we ourselves woke up… To see for ourselves the reality of what we all of us have created.. Because we cannot even point our fingers at others when we know we are in fact whole.. One…. All responsible … And all accountable…
    How to begin…… Has to begin with ourselves. Change only comes via our changing our own behaviour patterns….
    I hope we all soon wake up to ourselves…
    Much love dearest VK….. Have a restful weekend ❤ 🙂

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    • Hey DW….Yeah, it begins with us as we must make the choice of who we wish to be, Givers or Takers. I foresee greater unrest ahead and so we must all figure out quickly how we wish to live life and fight for that way of life with everything we have. It’s hard not to be battle weary, but if we keep on eventually we will reach our goal and freedom will be ours. Thank goodness we all have each other to stagger through this tunnel with. We are all here to give one another support and help shine the light so we can find our way. You guys have a peaceful weekend as well and enjoy your creativity! Hugs and love to you…VK ❤

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  2. Thanks, VK, and so true. We must choose how we want to live… and then live! 🙂
    Love your quote. Overcoming fear is a big step but totally doable (‘though it may seem like facing a mountain…!)
    Have a good Saturday, VK.

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    • Such interesting times we live in. It is so amazing to see the actual dual realities,visually. The light vs dark, good vs evil, awake vs asleep, the old paradigm vs the new paradigm.. Years ago it all just blended together and whizzed by, now it is like watching a film play out before us in slow motion. It is all so transparent and eye opening. I guess this is what we signed up for 🙂 Thanks Mark, have a great weekend. Peace to you….VK ❤

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