Are You Prepared?

This post is primarily for my USA readers as we here in America are just days away from a critical election and we need to be prepared, at the same time it applies to all I believe. I don’t care if you are on the right or the left, it’s time for all of us to say NO to all of this ridiculous anger and rage being vented in such a backwards way, Are we not further along on our path to becoming more advanced humans? It sure doesn’t seem like it. If we are going to consider ourselves prepared for whatever the outcome, it is up to each of us to create calm in the world. It is very sad to watch the sick propaganda being thrust upon humanity right now as that propaganda is what is driving the violence and unrest. I truly do not believe we humans are so hate filled as we are seeing being displayed on the world’s stage. Deep within if we choose to look we will see goodness and caring and a desire for the well being for all. That is who we humans really are if all the propaganda is removed and people are allowed to think and see for themselves, the truth.

Society is acting like spoiled, out of control brats and it is most unbecoming. It not only looks bad, it is bad and we must keep an open mind to the consequences. We must not get ourselves so far into the hole we can’t get ourselves back out and that is what is close to becoming reality. It is time for America to grow up and act like adults who can be responsible and think clearly. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am sick to death of watching our country implode upon itself. There is no need for this. I can’t stop the sick media or social media from pumping out garbage in a desperate ploy to control the minds of the people. That is their agenda and they have way more power than I. All I can do is ask that people wake up and use their brains for a change. Things don’t need to be this way. If we wish to have peace and calm we must BE peace and calm and reject the push to be otherwise. Be prepared everyone. The battle is heating up and it is up to all of us not to be sucked into the chaos. Stay calm within and BE calm.

Blessings and love to all ❤


2 thoughts on “Are You Prepared?

    • Thanks Barbara….’Love boots’ Great way of putting it 🙂 It has been quite the journey. Not over yet, but we are getting close to the end of the tunnel. Stay strong and remain calm and we shall complete this mission. Take care and be well. Much love…VK ❤

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