Full Moon Is Upon Us…

Update November 30th, 2020Full MoonDear Friends,
Full Moon in Gemini is Monday, November 30, at 2:29 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). Use this time to honor change and to focus on what you wish to dream up for yourself for the future. Despite what might be happening around you or in the greater collective, you can take some space to feed your own container with the energies that will better support you. Think of infusing your intentions with inspiration, beauty, determination, optimism, progress and anything that brings your experience of life to a higher level. 

Make sure you do whatever you can to stay out of fear as fear will take you down into a very negative place where you can easily lose your direction and land in an uncomfortable fog.

Eclipses always potentiate the full and new moon times and give an extra boost of energy to whatever is happening in your life as well as your personal intentions. So engage in something positive and be disciplined about lending your creative optimism to the future.

We are moving into a very active time where you will need to pay close attention to your personal direction, your truth, your trust and your discipline. 



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We often hear the saying “Be The Light”. Well what does that really mean? How can you BE light? I suppose there are many variations of how to BE light. I thought I would share my own thoughts on it. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be the light.

L= ‘Live’ life with passion

I= Be ‘Inquisitive’ about life

G= Always keep ‘Growing’

H= Live an ‘Honest’ life

T= Always speak the ‘Truth’

To be light essentially means to live life with strong morals and good intentions. Both your mind and your heart remain open to receiving and giving and you live life for the good of ALL not just a few. Be the best you can be and the light will shimmer in your energy. We can all be so much more than we are asking of ourselves. Be light from this day forward! We are ALL Equal…

Blessings and joy to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

Happy Thanksgiving To All…

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Despite everything going on around the world remain steadfast and please do not cave in to fear and anger. Open your hearts to others and share your gratitude. There is much to be grateful for if we just take a moment to reflect on our lives. The world and humanity as a whole need our focus to be on what truly matters in life not on the petty indifference’s we are taught to focus on. Step forward and shine your light into the dark spaces around you. Let gratitude embrace us all.

Walking In Two Worlds…

I have often heard that saying “Walking In Two Worlds”. I have read about it often in Native American writings. I understood what they were talking about intellectually, but I really did not have an accurate ‘feel’ for what was really being said. Living today in what I consider a topsey turvey world of chaos and misinformation, I am definitely FEELING what is being described in those few words. For some we are definitely walking in two worlds, two different realities, two different paradigms, whatever you want to call it. There are those firmly planted in one world, wandering about guided by other peoples agendas. Then there are those who are physically here in this paradigm but their beliefs and attention are set in another reality. They are here but they aren’t here, their visions are limitless and their understanding of how the world works runs deep, casting them about experiencing this other world. We are both fighting for a way of life, for our beliefs in what we feel is right, yet our worlds are so far apart it is creating deep seeded tension fueled by anger at the oppression taking place. Life once felt free and now it no longer does. Not in this reality anyway.

Many are oblivious to what is happening to them. They are so distracted by distractions, they don’t even know that life is changing drastically all around them. They shuffle along parroting all they have had stuffed in their heads by the media and social media, they wander with little direction other than where they are told to go. The other world see’s a bigger picture, they see what can be, what should be, if we are following the basic rules of life. They are guided by strong and moral life laws, they have respect for all life and they are highly capable of feeling empathy. That said, they also are here in this reality trying to walk along. This reality does not work for them and so they try to go with the flow but most of the time that is like swimming upstream against the current. It’s a tough go and yet they must keep moving forward operating in this world but existing in the other one.

Walking in two worlds is a major test of our ability to adapt to what is, but still continue to grow and expand beyond the limitations of this reality. It is a powerful challenge to undertake, so we must be gentle with ourselves and make time for connecting back to nature where sanity resides and we can refill our vessels and keep moving forward in our missions. We are here at this time for a very profound reason. It is time to figure out what that is and embrace it. It is time to return to critical thinking and restoring the long lost art of thinking for ourselves before that too is forgotten.

Blessings and love to all ❤