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We often hear the saying “Be The Light”. Well what does that really mean? How can you BE light? I suppose there are many variations of how to BE light. I thought I would share my own thoughts on it. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be the light.

L= ‘Live’ life with passion

I= Be ‘Inquisitive’ about life

G= Always keep ‘Growing’

H= Live an ‘Honest’ life

T= Always speak the ‘Truth’

To be light essentially means to live life with strong morals and good intentions. Both your mind and your heart remain open to receiving and giving and you live life for the good of ALL not just a few. Be the best you can be and the light will shimmer in your energy. We can all be so much more than we are asking of ourselves. Be light from this day forward! We are ALL Equal…

Blessings and joy to all,

Visionkeeper ā¤

4 thoughts on “Light…

    • Thank you Mark….Thought about you today and sent a prayer your way. I’m sure it was a tough day for you health wise. Not fun. Hoping for positive changes coming your way. Be at peace within and know people are thinking about you…VK ā¤

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      • Thank you VK, it is so beautiful to feel that care and know that those blessings are cradling my journey. It has indeed tested some bits and it will take some time to ‘create’ something wonderful from a loving event. But scars worn proudly, as wisdom is but a loving experience made real. Thank you ā¤ļø šŸ™šŸ½ šŸ¦‹

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