Happy New Year!

As we move into a new year and a new journey, if you don’t want to get lost on your journey, then follow your heart and the light will guide you. It has been a very difficult past year with so many ups and downs it made you have motion sickness. But we made it through! Now is not the time to give up the fight but rather buckle down and use our energy to create the kind of new year ahead that we desire. We can’t really change the world, but we can change our own realities which in the end changes the world. Each and every one of us have the ability to make our lives live up to our dreams, it just takes determination, courage and a willingness to let go of the old so we are able to move forward. Let us all envision a world of love and peace and work towards that goal. It’s possible, just look how far we have come! I wish happiness and good health to each and every one of you and I thank you all for joining me here. It has been a great pleasure. Happy 2021 !

Love and peace to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

Full Moon Ahead…

Full Moon in Cancer (also called the “Cold Moon”) is Tuesday, December 29 at 8:28PM MST.

This is an important moon for honoring change and bringing in a level of inspiration, creativity and excitement. Your needs versus your desires should be examined and your definition of true home explored. There is a sense of adventure and a restlessness in the air. Creative energy needs a focus and freedom needs an expression. Where, how and with whom can you be creative? Where and how can you express your freedom?

This is a good time to create your intentions for 2021 if you have not already done so. And, if there is any lingering debris from 2020 that needs release, this would be a really good time for that completion. Breaking an old habit is greatly supported during this full moon and a commitment for an inner shift of attitude and belief systems can be deeply anchored. You can have a sudden change of heart about an old attachment, making way for the possible healing of an old wound. Use this full moon as an extension of the powerful Solstice to solidify your intentions with that higher vibration of spiritual inspiration and creativity.

Lena https://thepowerpath.com/


I feel like I am either drowning or having the life choked out of me. It is at times a helpless feeling. I have no earthly idea why lying is so abhorrent to me, I not only despise lying but I know instinctively when people are lying. The world is drowning in lies, truth is becoming a rarity. To me having to listen to lies is like feeling an electric shock through my body. It is a very difficult time to be alive right now, humanity is struggling to discover a new identity and somewhere in the back of our brains we know it is time to shift our perspectives and change our way of living, yet we have been taught to be afraid to move forward. It is time, it is needed. There is great power behind what is going on, there are those who do not wish for us to expand ourselves, for then we are no longer easy to control. This is the struggle we see going on causing the miles deep chasm erupting around the world, people taking up sides and out of this divisiveness has grown hate, intolerance and violence. We have even begun to turn on one another as we continue to be pushed and squeezed from the top down and we are now being dictated to as to how to live our lives. Their lies are destroying lives, breaking hearts and sucking the life out of souls everywhere. People do not even realize that almost all of what they are being told is a lie, interspersed with bits of truth, just enough to be believable. We are being fed a steady diet of propaganda.

Is this situation society has gotten itself mired in fixable? Yes I’d like to think so, but I doubt I will see it in my lifetime. Society as a whole must raise its consciousness up out of the gutter of fear we are wallowing in. It is all by design that we are lost in this hell and that is what is hardest to take. The ‘knowing’ this is being done TO US leaves a deep scar of betrayal. Society has become ‘Ruthless’ which in turn is creating the violence. There is nothing soft nor smooth about society right now. We have razor sharp edges and rough, spiny skin with stingers. Many have been so brainwashed they are beaten down and their self worth and purpose have been ravaged. Are we truly becoming the zombies we heard the CDC warn us about and we all laughed at it. Not very funny, it was one of those ‘bits’ of truth they were letting out. We will be turning you all into zombies one day soon. Little did we know. Now look at us all wearing freaking masks and staying quarantined at home. Obey! Stand in line and obey, never mind what we are telling you isn’t really the truth. Just do what you are told!

It is so important to get our minds back, think for ourselves and listen to our hearts not what we are told. This is a pivotal moment in time, absolutely crucial to what we become next. Do we stay stuck in this muck of who we have been for so long now or do we climb out and fight our way forward to a new world? Unfortunately we must all wake up first and realize it is time to change. The greatest challenge blocking the path forward is the propaganda being pumped into worried minds 24/7. It’s hard to fight the power of big money pushing the agendas. But fight we must and hard! What kind of world do you want to live in next? This is the question before us waiting to be answered. Stop listening to and believing in everything you hear and see. This moment in time is all about the battle for our minds. It is time to wake up! Think for yourself!

Blessings to all with love ❤


Have A Desire To Inspire…

I can’t help but feel the world needs inspiration and uplifting energy right now. I kept feeling a void in my being and I kept searching for what I needed to fill it with. Of course there are always issues I can work on as we are all ongoing projects of evolving, but I also believe I feel a void because the world itself seems to have a gaping void swirling about within that tends to suck us in sometimes. I’m still trying to figure myself out, but I am certain the worlds void could and should be filled with Inspiration and uplifting energy! We are deeply mired down in where we are at at this moment in time. It feels as if somewhere along this journey we slid into a stagnant cesspool of power, wealth and gain at all costs, we are deeply entrenched in the illusions we have been living for a very long time now. and we have lost our much needed insights into who we truly are and where we should be going.

We have been programmed by fear for so long now we have incorporated it into our way of life. All of our major systems are now failing as it is time they do so. We are being asked to let go of what was and allow ourselves to move into a new space, a safe space, coincidentally located in our hearts. For so long we have lived from our heads which enabled us to accomplish many great things, but in doing so we left behind our hearts and feeling and caring. They got set aside on a shelf for a later date. Well that later date has arrived. Have we not witnessed enough violence and hate and destruction to last us a lifetime? I know I have. Every time I see hate or hear it or witness violence it is painful to me, like burning my skin or shocking my system. It creates discomfort and that tells me it is something to stay away from. I much prefer laughter, or hugs, or feeling joy or peace. How we live our lives dictates what our reality shall be. As I always say, the choice is ours as to what kind of life we live.

Humanity is being tasked at this time with growing up, expanding our abilities and learning to share with all, for we are all equal. We have been shown for months now the depths evil will go to to grab hold of what they want despite stepping on the backs of others to reach it. That kind of thinking and being must stop! We humans are so much more than we give ourselves credit for. It baffles me to see so many of us willing to settle for less, for accepting what is without questioning. We can be so much more, we can rise to great heights and find new ways of being that are kind and far more gentle than who we have been. Of course we can’t accomplish these great advances if our hearts remain closed. If our hearts are closed we cannot feel compassion or empathy which allows us to care about one another. If violence begets violence, then doesn’t it stand to reason that love will beget love? What are we waiting for? The time is here to see through the fog of deception and see we are here to change humanity for the better. We are here to learn from our past and show our courage to move forward into the unknown because we TRUST and BELIEVE we can create a better way of being in the world. It is time to put down the smartphones and re-engage with actually living our lives. Be present. How can we care about anything if we are not present?

Take time to reach out to others during this holiday season as well as always. Let the holidays begin your training into thinking in new ways and acting in news ways that benefit all. Make engaging with others positively a new habit. It’s all about everybody! Go out and inspire others to bring together community. Inspire others to want to inspire others. There is so much we all can do to improve our present situation and make a positive plan for where we are going. Make today the day you choose to do your part in bringing forth a new world of harmony.

Blessings and love to all ❤