Cosmic Weather Report…

Cosmic Weather Report 2021

Hard Work, Love &Vision in the Year of the Ox
   By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax   Putney Mountain, Vermont

From February 12 on, 2021 is a Year of the Ox, the best animal for doing hard work, staying on track and getting things done. If the track you’re on is the one you should be on, expressing your creative purpose, you’ll get a boost from the indomitable strength of this formidable animal, who doesn’t usually move fast, the way we’ve all been moving during the current Year of the Rat, but plods along plowing its furrows, slowly, steadily and just about unstoppably.

by Marcia Perry

If you’re caught in a lesser destiny than your authentic purpose, you should leave that field, because once the Ox gets going in a habitual groove, it’s hard to stop. As the zodiac’s strongest work beast, Oxes have little say over where they go. Once they’re aimed in a certain direction, they just go. And go. And go…So check your direction to be sure the Ox in you is aimed where you want it to be.
Numerologically 2021 is a 5 year, stimulating collaboration between youth and elder, raw discovery and wisdom, innocence and experience. These days childlike wonder and visionary belief seem to be in short supply, compared to proliferating headlines of paranoia and separation. We’re witnessing the Dumbing Down of America, US-style, because even though US Americans have always been politically immature, the lowest common denominator in this country keeps dropping as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the voters get easier to manipulate by corporate media. During such Orwellian times when truth is twisted into its opposite, we have to dig down deep to unearth the childlike vision that something beautiful can emerge in our time and grow into a world future.

by Bosquetro

The cosmic weather of the year supports such vision with an evolutionary boost by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius, that happened on Winter Solstice. That boostadvances the Age of Aquarius, which is designed to awaken the sleeping consciousness of collective humanity. 
In a 5 Year, partnership is key around the global village. It’s time to see through the karmic drama of our time: The End of Everything That Never Worked Right in the First Place.

Who are you really? Why are you here?  How much longer are you going to wait?