Open Sesame….

We are about to go through the doorway and into another reality. Step gently and with kindly purpose. The road ahead will be very rough going at times and we must maintain our faith deeply that all is as it should be. As confusing times unfold make sure to listen closely with an open mind and heart. Pay close attention to everything being said. In this new world there is no division and hatred. There is no unchecked egos driving sick agendas. There is no cancel culture or inability to speak freely. There is no violence and suppression. There are no lies just the truth. It awaits each of us if we just find the courage to open that door and step over the threshold into a new way of being. How do you wish your world to be? The choice is ours to make. Chose wisely. Stay calm and far away from the false media leading you astray. Listen to your heart! As the chaos picks up speed always remember why you are here and what this journey has been about because we are close to the final corner we must go around. Keep your courage and be loving in all you do. That is what the new world is all about.

Blessings and love ❀


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