The Colors Of Now…

  • I’ve been trying to stay mindful of what is going on around me these days, everything seems so upside down. I decided I wanted to observe everything going on from a different perspective, other than just the biased 3D perspective. I wanted to shift my perspective from intellectual to visible, see it rather than think it. I began my search by asking myself first off, what are the main game changer events that have happened to humanity, forcing it to change from what it was in a major way. I came up with three main events that have accelerated this change along side the fact humanity has needed to change anyway for quite some time now. The three events I chose were:
  • Reality has been disrupted
  • Betrayal by our leaders
  • Lies we are told to accept

Next I thought about the impacts each of these events have had on humanity in helping to force change on such a mass scale. Lets face it, these three events that are taking place simultaneously are devastating to the human psyche. So to look at this from a different perspective, I decided to choose a color to represent each one.


I see major disruption occurring everywhere. The old must crash so the new can be born. This unrest has caused great insecurity, unreliability and devastating distrust. 3 powerful emotions I feel the majority of the world is feeling right now. I feel that disruption deserves a loud, shocking color, that is active and breeds chaos and disconnection. I chose a brash, almost offensive fluorescent green strictly because it is uncomfortable to look at as is this upheaval taking place today.


Betrayal is a very heavy color, more sedentary than active disruption is, because betrayal beats you down and holds you back. There is no joy found in betrayal therefore no brightness or aliveness. It is a painful, wounded color that becomes all consuming. For betrayal I chose Black Currant which is not quite black but almost, leaving a speck of color for hope to reside in.


Upon thinking about lies and deceit, I see an angry color, for nobody likes to be lied to. Right now we are discovering that our whole lives have been a lie. It is hard for most to accept and anger will surely begin boiling over as time passes and more people awaken to the truth. The color of lies and deceit in my mind are fiery from the outrage and heavy like betrayal for how it makes us feel. I chose for Lies the color of Electric Orange.

Having assigned colors to these events I can now SEE how disquieting life is right now. There are no calm colors floating about EXCEPT for my last color that is necessary to complete this picture. The last color is for FAITH:

Faith is most important of all. If we lack faith in ourselves and in each other, we lack the ability to sustain a secure life. In order for the light to overcome the darkness we must have faith and believe fully that now is the time for humanity to come together and expand our perceptions of how life should be. It is time to fly free and explore new ways of thinking and being outside the boxes we have put ourselves in. Faith should be a soft yet rich color that blends in with all other colors, is neutral, yet uplifting. For faith I chose Moon Glow Yellow.

So we end up with the colors of Black Currant, Electric Orange, fluorescent Green and Moon Glow Yellow. An interesting mix. Hmmmm…..

I am calling upon my artist friends like TL and DW or anyone else, to see if someone is interested in taking these four colors and creating a mix like the picture above to represent these amazing times we are all going through that will remind us and inspire us all to look for the good and create the new….A new world is upon us. Let us go forth and embrace it!

Blessings to all,


7 thoughts on “The Colors Of Now…

    • Right on Mark!!! It’s time for action, movement and change. Scary as we feel our way along through the darkness towards the light right up ahead, but onward we go TOGETHER…Stay colorful and vibrant! Be well and at peace…..VK ❀

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  2. There’s certainly a mass of swirling energies there, VK. I’ll see where they take me, and what I can come up with. An interesting challenge for interesting and challenging times! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks TL….They are not comfy, warm and fuzzy colors because neither is this time in our journey. I don’t know what it would be like to work with such colors? The Faith color needs to stand out somehow, it’s what guides us along…Anyway, have fun. No worries if nothing comes. I was just putting it out there. I hope all is well. Take care and stay safe there at the mansion….Thanks πŸ™‚ VK

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