Let Us Be Who We Wish To Be…

Yes indeed another world is completely possible, but not without our work to create it. We must be active and the best way to do that is by being true to who we are. By we ourselves being the very people we long to see in the world. Tired of the violence and hate? Then spread your love and compassion to others and ask them to do the same for somebody else. Sitting and quietly waiting to be saved will get us nowhere. At the same we must be patient with people because fragile minds are close to breaking open. The people are exhausted and at the end of their rope. If we want to live in a loving world, a happy world, a compassionate world, then we must begin by making our own worlds be that way. Over time others will catch on and hopefully do the same. WE are who we keep waiting for. Yes there are others out there who can help move us along to where we want to go, but that won’t happen if we aren’t at least out there trying to get beyond where we are. It begins with us! It always has and always will. God Bless us all and may we see the light in time to save ourselves!

Blessings and love…Visionkeeper ❤

5 thoughts on “Let Us Be Who We Wish To Be…

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