Spring Is A Time For Change…

Over the last nine years of blogging, I have always assumed my mission was to try to wake people up to the truth of what was going on around us and to try to help guide broken and betrayed hearts back to being able to love and be loved again. Those reasons are first and foremost in my heart, but there is another reason that I blog. I write to release uneasy feelings these chaotic times have thrust upon us all. I am a being struggling to be human and I have my limits of how much discord I will allow into my life and into the world around me. These times are extremely tough for me as I have the innate ability to sense mistruths, better known as lies and let me tell you something, living in this bizarre reality right now where truth has been cast aside and lies have become the way of talking, the fact the foundation of our morality has been washed away from beneath us and where mocking and belittling people and even ruining their very lives to make a point is the acceptable new normal, well I just can’t go there myself. I hope you can’t either.

I have tried to remain positive with the words I write as best I can, but sometimes I need to let out my frustration within as well. Staying in a negative mindset can be very detrimental to our progress to evolve forward as the human species. We were given the gift of a much larger more complex brain than animals which was good in many respects, but it has also been aiding us in our own demise if we don’t wake up. Both fear and negative thinking keep us isolated in the very low frequencies and sadly it is there that we lose our personal power. We are at war right now, a very real and very critical war, not with guns and tanks and missiles, but rather a war of our minds and our beliefs. The good is waging war against evil in a battle to regain control of our precious existence here on earth. We have been hijacked by evil forces and we must hopefully realize the precarious position we find ourselves in. We need to be more aware, tuned in, paying attention to our surroundings. By learning to pay attention to our thoughts and actions more closely, we can be the ones to decide how we act, how we think and who we really are

It is so important to be able to understand the intended trap both the main stream media and social media are for we humans. They are stealing our ability to think for ourselves by constantly programming into our heads how they think we should think and feel. NO! We all have to get back to feeling our own personal truth and think for ourselves, from our hearts. If we don’t make this leap we remain a mass of manipulated minds that can be pushed in whatever direction they want us to go in merely by suggestion. In losing our critical thinking skills we have begun to lose our morals as well, we are being pushed to abandon our morals and accept this way of being as okay. NO! Here is an example of what I mean. Today all over the Internet and social media people are mocking Mr. Biden for falling up the stairs to the plane. I feel disturbingly sad that this is where society has decided to land itself. What has become of respect, morals, compassion, acceptance? Understandably many may not recognize Mr. Biden as our President, but since when has it become okay to parade and use and abuse a person who has Dementia and humiliate him in front of the world to push your sick agenda through? We are SO much better than this. We are accepting this behavior in ourselves because our own critical thinking and understanding has been tainted by the constant messaging from the media and social media.

This war we are in is very real and nobody has ever won a war by remaining asleep, floating untethered in a sea of lies. Truth is the only way war can be won and the truth can only be known if we wake up to what is really going on. We must shut out the propaganda poisoning our minds and begin to think and believe for ourselves again. There is no time for us to think about this, we must all act and act quickly if we wish the light to win and shine brightly again in all of our hearts, lifting the weariness and doubt and replacing it with inspiration and an eagerness to be all that we can be if we just make the effort. I leave you this message with the hope it may reach at least one mind struggling to wake up for this is how the war is won. One mind at a time must return to thinking for itself and the heart must open back up and feel love and acceptance and encouragement, if humanity is to move forward into becoming the best that we can be.

Blessings and much love ❤