The Art Of Waiting…

I thought this was a good time to speak about the sacred art of waiting patiently and quietly. In an ever increasingly fast paced society, moving almost faster than it can comprehend or understand, we are quickly losing our vital ability to ‘wait’. We have become an impatient society that feeds off of instant gratification. While it may seem wonderful to get what you want when you want it, that pleasure comes at the grave cost of our losing the ability to be patient and wait.

In the Deep State’s quest to turn humanity into worker bees so we can provide them with our hard earned money to enable their elite lifestyle, we humans were constantly given the message to always stay busy. Remember that saying “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop?” If you are not busy you are not productive and if you are not productive you are not contributing to society. We were also falsely led to believe that our careers define who we are and if we don’t have a career we are lazy and taking rather than giving. All of these myths we bought into were told to us repeatedly to keep us working and being busy not allowing humanity the peace and quiet to reflect upon our lives and where we are headed, or question if we even agree with where we are headed. A society of free thinkers cannot be manipulated or controlled.

As horrendous as this ‘supposed’ virus has been for everyone to endure, it also has it’s positive lessons to teach us. Being stuck at home has shown people a different side to life, a quieter, more meaningful side to living. Suddenly people have more free time to think for themselves, interact with friends and exchange new perspectives on the crazy life unfolding around us. Many had time to evaluate their existence now, they saw dragging themselves off to 9-5 jobs everyday was robbing them of living lives they would really like to live. In essence it gave people more free time to reconnect with themselves, explore themselves, even question themselves and their beliefs, something we have long been separated from.

Now that we have slowed down and observed life less dominated by working non stop to achieve some far off goal that we may never even reach, perhaps we can regain our ability and patience to wait and contemplate. Far too many people have been scrambling their way through life totally unaware of what is unfolding around them. We gave up control of our lives to our leaders and stopped being responsible for our lives in general. Let somebody else be in charge while we lose ourselves on social media and text messaging. We became distracted from reality and began to lose our way. As a quote says from a Monk from Sue Monk Kidd’s book “When the heart waits”: ” When you are waiting, you are not doing nothing. You are doing the most important something there is. You are allowing your soul to grow up. If you can’t be still and wait, you can’t become what God created you to be”.

It is time to stop believing everything we are told and begin to believe in ourselves and listen to ourselves. Therein lies the truth!

Blessings and love to all ❤


6 thoughts on “The Art Of Waiting…

  1. Thank YOU too for your patience VK….
    The duality of life teaches us many things… And the Pause many have experienced, has had a duel effect upon many… Some as I see it have grasped it and took advantage of the extra time which has enabled family to draw closer circles.. And some have used their time in creativity …
    Positive and negative outcomes to the art of waiting…. Teaching Patience, tolerance, and enabling us to go within our own hearts to adjust our thinking, our knowing, and realign ourselves back perhaps with Mother Nature….
    Many I know around me especially have taken up to growing their gardens, appreciating them, growing food, and for perhaps the first time appreciating the freedom to walk in mother nature….
    So many variables during this time… Not all think as we, but they too are showing us via their own choices,
    I know I have spent more time crafting than blogging, preferring to distance a little from the techno world. I have have been toning too… Using sound….
    Meditating… deeper…. and learning how to let go even more of those expectations of my own perceptions… To accept what is…
    Oh I so agree with you VK, about believing in ourselves.. Trusting our own inner intuition, as we move through this time of transformation…
    April the month of renewal…. Great things I feel are Waiting to be revealed… Lets hope the world at large is ready waiting….
    Lots of love dear VK…
    Much love your way my friend… big hugs DW.. ❤


  2. We’ll get there dear lady, but first we have to break that prison cell they’ve created in how we live. ie. money and how it is used. It is the one thing that locks the ‘system’ into place. Their world is built on it. It just needs to be tweeked…ok, broken open and built anew 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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