Identity Crisis…

As the insanity ruling the world right now escalates, I find I stay home all the time now, I don’t watch TV, I don’t surf the Internet like I used to, I don’t talk to many people anymore, I have become a hermit in many respects and I started to wonder why this was. See, I always question everything, I have always been curious, but I am finding now that a great many people DON’T question anything, they just plod along through life following everyone around them. This has become a very dangerous and serious mistake humanity is making! If we don’t question life we don’t learn and if we don’t learn we don’t grow and if we don’t grow, humanity will never evolve beyond where it is being held captive today.

Thankfully (I think) I have been awake for a very long due to circumstances that pushed me to question my situation way back when and eventually beyond. I always research and delve deeply into what I am questioning as I want answers and truth. So I began to wonder about why my life had taken this detour into isolation. As I looked at myself I realized I have a very strong sense of self and strong morals, but in realizing this I also began to see the world and many of the people around me were the direct opposite. Many people are no longer being themselves. They don’t speak as themselves, they don’t dress as themselves, they don’t think for themselves, they have abandoned themselves. Their personal image, their ideals, their purpose for being have all faded away in order that they fit in with society, regardless of whether where society is headed is in a good direction or a bad one. This is how we the people have been given the moniker of “Sheeple”. So many just go along to get along, just like mindless sheep.

If one sincerely ‘Listens’ to society today, it is clear that we the people have lost our identity, we are being robbed of it everyday, and if we don’t have an identity we have no sense of self, we are no longer unique unto ourselves as we blend in and become part of the masses walking about in endless circles looking for answers, but never realizing the answers are within us if we just wake up and reconnect with ourselves. Do we really want to look like everybody else? Do we really want to speak like everybody else? Do we really want to think like everybody else? This is the direction we are all being pushed to go in and FEAR is being used to push us there. Each and every one of us was born looking and sounding differently(except maybe for identical twins) and Creator had a reason for doing this. We are all unique, we all come into this world with our own personal gifts to offer the world. Why I ask, have we allowed ourselves to be stripped of our identities and our uniqueness? How have we become so braindead we cannot even realize what is happening to us? It’s called propaganda! Turn OFF you televisions or throw them away. They are NOT bringing you the news, they are bringing you somebody else’s opinions, they are encouraging you to do what they say, believe what they say, think the way they want us to think. Individuals are not easily controlled that is why they need us to be a part of the masses.

Please, I urge everyone, be proud of who YOU are, think for yourselves, believe what you feel in your hearts not what somebody else believes and urges you to believe as well. Our brain may be an organ not a muscle, but it needs exercise and if we don’t exercise it and expand our thinking abilities, we will slowly loose our ability to think clearly for ourselves or even think at all! You are unique, you are you and that person you are needs you to feel proud of who you are. Stop trying to FIT IN and find the courage to go against the grain, that is what makes you who you are. If we don’t get a handle on this problem immediately we stand to lose our way completely and at that point there is no turning back. Stay true to yourselves and be PROUD!!!!!

Blessings and much love ❤


7 thoughts on “Identity Crisis…

  1. Wise words dear VK… Those of us who have been on this road of waking up for so long, have done a lot of researching.. And yes.. I agree… Society today is mostly about labels… Keeping up with the Jone’s and the trends… The newest trend gets them today so they think into the football games.. Which is leading down spiral path of control and tyranny….
    Speaking of the Disinformation, Truth, Facts, and the distortions in between… Like Tom says.. You can pick wide holes in so much.. But we are dealing with liars and cheats on payrolls for corporations… Always Profit before People…. Until that is the Worm turns… 🙂

    Sending love my friend…. Hold tight…. we knew it was a bumpy ride… just didn’t envision the how’s and whys… or it being like it is… But we are here to witness and be the change… So keep your heart in alignment and your hope alive my friend ❤ Hugs your way ❤

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    • Hey DW…..Thanks! I just keep working out in the yard and staying away from town so I can stay away from the craziness….I just keep trying to go day by day, any longer than that and my mind gets fried. lol…I keep trying to picture myself signing up for this journey…What was I thinking??? But I will continue to record everything going down so we know what happened….Stay peaceful within and stay on the allotment when you can be in a good space….Thinking of you and sending lots of love to all…Hugs VK ❤

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    • Hey Mark…..At least you’re standing!!!!! Better than on your knees. I never worry about losing it, I’m too curious and forever researching for truth! Sounds like you as well. Stay at peace Mark….VK ❤

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  2. Hear hear, VK! Or should that be ‘here here’? We’re all unique, but some are more unique than others!
    Questions are good. I read and question what I’m being told in the news, which highlights just how many holes there are running through it. Supposedly a trusted source? Time to think again and question that one. Don’t watch it or question everything… that severely disrupts the propaganda.
    Good thoughts, VK.

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    • Thanks TL….It truly amazes me how many people are not using their brains. They parrot only what they hear , no facts, just repeating the phrases and sadly believing what they are told. So it goes. I’m just glad more are waking up and I hope things speed up, then again that will bring with it chaos for a while. So interesting to be alive right now. Hang tight!!!!! VK 🙂

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