What Have We Learned?

A year has passed since much grief and sorrow and angst have suffocated our souls trying to rid our existence. But, we are still here and stronger than ever. So what did this year of upheaval teach us? If one watches closely and listens intently one can see we have learned how sacred our values about life are. For many we were separated from family during the insanity of the Quarantine feeling alone and challenged. It was painful for many to be separated and yet that grief allowed us a window into understanding how truly important our family is. Not only our families, but all families, neighbors, our communities. Slowly over time we began to see what we felt was so important before no longer held that much power over us. Our values have changed and so have we. Before the fake Pandemic struck our lives we were content to isolate ourselves with our smart phones, we didn’t desire human contact, technological contact was sufficient. By depending upon technology to communicate we lost our skills to read one another, to be sensitive enough to pick up nuances, to sense what another human was feeling or needing. We shut ourselves off to the outside world and to partaking physically in everyday activity.

Then the so called evil Pandemic crashed into our lives and suddenly it was no longer our choice to be isolated, we were forced into isolation. Tell someone they can’t do something like visit other people and suddenly it takes on a whole new meaning. Suddenly we were forced to consider our personal rights and the rights of others. What we rarely thought about before became front and center in our reality. As time has worn on through this crisis many had awoken enough to realize that everything they were being told was lies, turning on ones television was turning on the propaganda machine. People began scouring the internet searching for truth in a time of deep deception. Suddenly truth became important at long last. People began to realize that if they didn’t know the truth, they left themselves vulnerable and totally unprepared for what they were facing. As more people began to awaken, the push back began as well and when that started, the violence and evil swept in and took over our communities, peace and well being. The world had become an unpredictable place and you didn’t know who you could trust anymore. Once again we were taught yet another lesson. Value the truth and protect the peace and well being of all. People began witnessing such vile aggression on the streets they longed to have peace and happiness return. Yes, we have learned very valuable lessons during this past year of hell and damnation. What we choose to DO with what we have learned is where the true value lies. If we do not apply what we have learned to our lives, what good was learning it? It is time to fully awaken and take a stand for what we believe in. Now, not later when we get around to it!

Blessings and love to all ❤


Full Moon Energy….

Here we go again. The Full Moon is nearly upon us so be prepared. We can accomplish a lot with the help of full moon energy. Stand strong, stand for truth and stand up for change that benefits EVERYONE not just the few. Those days are over. Here is the article. Enjoy!

On the heels of a powerful solstice that begins a new cycle comes a full moon. This moon is in Capricorn on Thursday, June 24 at 12:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is an optimistic time, and could be very prosperous if you can move through the challenges of the distractions of drama and ego-driven negative behaviors in yourself and in others that may crop up. Honesty, emotional vulnerability, humility and a good spiritual base are important foundational aspects for success during this time. It can be a very expansive time especially if you can harness the positivity and optimism. It is a good time to reflect on the containers of your life. What is too small, too big, completed etc. We have some good momentum to initiate the creation of some new containers for ourselves for this cycle.

One the one hand you have the excitement and inspiration of a new container and new possibilities for expansion and partnerships. On the other hand, you may have the personal challenges of self doubt and sifting through some of the negative aspects of your personality that may get in the way of truth and clarity of intention. Even though the energy is moving more freely now, there is still some residual tension around restrictions, delays and right timing. Be patient, enjoy the process, love your friends and community, have a little gratitude, be creative.



I was working outside today planting and weeding and as I did so my mind kept wandering off to other spaces. There is so much going on in the world right now it’s hard to keep up with not only what is happening, but if what is happening is the truth. Lets face it, we are lied to everyday and have been for decades. There are plenty of things happening right now that are bad, definitely not in our best interest, but it is important to stay awake and aware so we can see the other perspectives. Not all is bad as they would have us believe.

Humanity has been given a gift with the whole CV19 fiasco. Yes I know some people died and death is never a time of joy, but out of all bad there comes good. If we look for that perspective we see the gift. The quarantine while extremely devastating and life altering, it was also Creators way of stopping us in our tracks and forcing us to pay attention to life at long last rather than just rushing through it on our way to somewhere else. A great many distractions were taken away from everyone and people being separated made us have to face ourselves at long last. I don’t think there has been much introspection by humanity as a whole for a very long time., we just keep blindly motoring on, around and around in the same circles. Dizzy yet?

Sadly it had to take something powerful enough happening to force the world to shut down and stay separated. That is a huge undertaking! The whole world was experiencing the same struggles and backlash together. During this home quarantine many watched the television to occupy their time. The daily diet of propaganda was fed to everybody to keep perpetuating the fear. We have watched a very ugly side of humanity arise, unleashing ugliness and hatred to further drive us apart. The gift has been the time we were given to observe what was REALLY going on with society and where we are headed, if one took the initiative to look for the answers, rather than than just ingest the drivel of lies on the news stations because it took less energy to turn on the television and sit down to watch it. Many seem to have grown complacent and forgotten the lost art of critical thinking and questioning life to stay connected to reality and the TRUTH.

Gifts are not always found in pretty packages with ribbons and bows. Gifts come in all sizes and shapes both good and bad. It was time for humanity to grow up and expand it’s thinking and we were not accomplishing that by what we were doing. We needed the gift of all of us experiencing what we were going through together so we are now able to move forward finally, lighting up the darkness that had smothered us all. We needed new ways of thinking in order to manifest new ways of being. Without this gift I dare say it would have taken a very long time if ever for humanity to shift how it thinks and sees. As difficult and painful as this whole journey has been for the world, there is once again light at the end of the tunnel and we are there!

Blessings and love to all ❤


Cosmic Weather Report…

 Cosmic  Weather Report June 2021Saturn Square Uranus:The Year of Pressurized Change

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax  Putney Mountain,Vermont

On June 14, at 6:01 pm eastern, Saturn forms the second of three squares with Uranus during 2021. Their first contact began the year with a huge shakeup on February 18, and their final connection will fall on Christmas Eve. These three powerful cosmic events bookend and middle the year, making 2021 The Year of Pressurized Change.
A square challenges you to release old forms and structures and find new ones. This demand is echoing through collective consciousness even more than the last time it rang out during the 1960s, when we were summoned to drop the box of obsolete thought and find something sustainable and renewing, based more on creativity and love than corporate profit and war.
The great initiation of humanity is producing tremendous pressure and the whole galaxy’s watching to learn whether humanity will awaken from its stupor and rise into the species we all know it could be, or sink into oblivion.
The dual karma yoga needed to pass the initiation is to rise in consciousness while anchoring in deeper being. Humanity is having a hard time showing up. Instead of full arrival in this blue-green paradise of a planet, we dodge and drift and avoid anchoring our higher purpose. This lack of high consciousness with deep being is killing the world, numbing the soul, destroying the children.

If you can lift your vision to see beyond the manufactured consent of our time, the fear medicine and twisted corporate politics, you’ll find a growing portion of humanity awakening from centuries of half-life. By digging down into the stuff of the soul, and raising your vision, you’ll harness the pressure of this year’s Square to turn our world around. We desperately need it.