I was working outside today planting and weeding and as I did so my mind kept wandering off to other spaces. There is so much going on in the world right now it’s hard to keep up with not only what is happening, but if what is happening is the truth. Lets face it, we are lied to everyday and have been for decades. There are plenty of things happening right now that are bad, definitely not in our best interest, but it is important to stay awake and aware so we can see the other perspectives. Not all is bad as they would have us believe.

Humanity has been given a gift with the whole CV19 fiasco. Yes I know some people died and death is never a time of joy, but out of all bad there comes good. If we look for that perspective we see the gift. The quarantine while extremely devastating and life altering, it was also Creators way of stopping us in our tracks and forcing us to pay attention to life at long last rather than just rushing through it on our way to somewhere else. A great many distractions were taken away from everyone and people being separated made us have to face ourselves at long last. I don’t think there has been much introspection by humanity as a whole for a very long time., we just keep blindly motoring on, around and around in the same circles. Dizzy yet?

Sadly it had to take something powerful enough happening to force the world to shut down and stay separated. That is a huge undertaking! The whole world was experiencing the same struggles and backlash together. During this home quarantine many watched the television to occupy their time. The daily diet of propaganda was fed to everybody to keep perpetuating the fear. We have watched a very ugly side of humanity arise, unleashing ugliness and hatred to further drive us apart. The gift has been the time we were given to observe what was REALLY going on with society and where we are headed, if one took the initiative to look for the answers, rather than than just ingest the drivel of lies on the news stations because it took less energy to turn on the television and sit down to watch it. Many seem to have grown complacent and forgotten the lost art of critical thinking and questioning life to stay connected to reality and the TRUTH.

Gifts are not always found in pretty packages with ribbons and bows. Gifts come in all sizes and shapes both good and bad. It was time for humanity to grow up and expand it’s thinking and we were not accomplishing that by what we were doing. We needed the gift of all of us experiencing what we were going through together so we are now able to move forward finally, lighting up the darkness that had smothered us all. We needed new ways of thinking in order to manifest new ways of being. Without this gift I dare say it would have taken a very long time if ever for humanity to shift how it thinks and sees. As difficult and painful as this whole journey has been for the world, there is once again light at the end of the tunnel and we are there!

Blessings and love to all ❤