Full Moon Energy….

Here we go again. The Full Moon is nearly upon us so be prepared. We can accomplish a lot with the help of full moon energy. Stand strong, stand for truth and stand up for change that benefits EVERYONE not just the few. Those days are over. Here is the article. Enjoy!

On the heels of a powerful solstice that begins a new cycle comes a full moon. This moon is in Capricorn on Thursday, June 24 at 12:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is an optimistic time, and could be very prosperous if you can move through the challenges of the distractions of drama and ego-driven negative behaviors in yourself and in others that may crop up. Honesty, emotional vulnerability, humility and a good spiritual base are important foundational aspects for success during this time. It can be a very expansive time especially if you can harness the positivity and optimism. It is a good time to reflect on the containers of your life. What is too small, too big, completed etc. We have some good momentum to initiate the creation of some new containers for ourselves for this cycle.

One the one hand you have the excitement and inspiration of a new container and new possibilities for expansion and partnerships. On the other hand, you may have the personal challenges of self doubt and sifting through some of the negative aspects of your personality that may get in the way of truth and clarity of intention. Even though the energy is moving more freely now, there is still some residual tension around restrictions, delays and right timing. Be patient, enjoy the process, love your friends and community, have a little gratitude, be creative.